Thanksgiving 2012

For Thanksgiving, we loaded up the kiddos and headed west.
First, we spent the night and Thanksgiving morning with Great-Granny.  I made some dishes and bought a Greenberg turkey and we had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner together.
It was a sweet time with Great-Granny.
The kids loved playing with her box of old toys and we all enjoyed watching the Macy's Day parade together.
(Sadly, I didn't have my memory card so have no pictures until R can text me some from his phone.)

After our visit with Great-Granny, we headed west again...
this time all the way to R's parents' home...
We arrived just in time for Thanksgiving dinner with lots of family!

Ellie showed off her walking skills to Great-Grandmother!

And practiced lots and lots between Honey & G-Dad!
(Her physical therapist could tell this week that Ellie was practicing!  Thanks, Honey & G-Dad!)

Will was in heaven having lots of boy cousins to play with!

Listening to my little boy's giggles and laughter from upstairs?  Heaven to me.  
We even let him go with his cousins & aunt to a movie (without us!)  He was allowed to skip his nap & it was a really fun time for him with his cousins - sweet holiday memories, for sure.

 Ellie was so excited to play with the "babies" 
Will performed all of his Thanksgiving songs for Honey & G-Dad

More walking practice
Cousin Harper was the official "counter of steps."  (I think he may have double counted a few times but his enthusiasm for his baby cousin was contagious!)

Ellie loved "knocking G-Dad down" at the end of each session

 More fun cousin memories:
hot tub time!
Our friends, the Lapps, brought over their new baby for us to meet.
Ellie was in love.  I'm telling you - she is a mommy in training!  Love it.
Ellie adores babies and was very intent on holding sweet Adeline.  

Will had fun playing with Raquel...

thankfully, she was a big fan of dress up too-
they were playing Super Hero Husband and Wife. 

G-Dad let Will & Ellie assist him with his Suduko puzzles

 Will & Ellie got lots of fun grandparent time - reading and playing games and hanging out.
Thanks, Honey & G-Dad, for a great Thanksgiving holiday.  We are thankful for our family.

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