Wild Animal Kingdom (Disney, Day 4)

 Our next day at Disney World began bright and early with a character breakfast.
Know what I loved about all these characters? 
 They are so loving!
Lots of sweet hugs & kisses for my kiddos.
(Stitch gives really big hugs.)
 And then he slimes their heads.
 Ellie loves Mickey Mouse!

 Will with Lilo & Goofy

 Ellie was a little unsure about Goofy
Then we hit Animal Kingdom!
This is maybe my 2nd favorite park.

Lunch was another character lunch - this time in "Africa"

Aren't they cute in their sunglasses?

 More princess bows:
 Rapunzel & Snow White
On the safari!

 Somehow, despite the excitement of baby elephants & lions and termite mounds up close, Ellie fell asleep.
(Disney wears people out, I'm telling you!)

At this point, Ellie was getting a decent nap in - too much of a nap to make me think I could get her back down for a good nap at the hotel.
So I did something I've rarely done before - 
we skipped naps.
Ellie took about an hour nap in the stroller or in Lovie's arms in Mimi's wheelchair (While Cookie & R rode a crazy ride - Everest!)
Meanwhile, Will "rested" in his stroller.
We saw several amazing shows- Finding Nemo musical was FANTASTIC & also provided a good rest time.
It was definitely my favorite show.

 The Festival of the Lion King was really good too.

Then, we headed back to EPCOT for dinner.  Will crashed in his stroller on the way to the bus & both kids took another rest while we travelled across Disney.
We enjoyed a delicious dinner in pretend "Italy" and threw some coins into Trevi Fountain.
Someday I want to take my kids to the real thing!

 Every night, as we headed to the Monorail (one of Ellie's favorite rides!  It took us back to our beds.) Ellie would begin to sing a song.  Not sure what the words are but it has hand motions and it is hilarious and loud.

 Guess what EPCOT stands for?
Every Person Comes Out Tired.
It's true!

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