Christmas Family Time

We had the most PERFECT, WONDERFUL, MAGICAL, AMAZING Christmas Ever!

Christmas Day was incredible!
But first, let me back up a few days!
This was our first Christmas in 10 years of marriage to stay home for Christmas  - in our own home & it was wonderful.
It was so fun to start our own little family traditions and to just be in our home.
Both sets of grandparents were very gracious to be a part of our holiday in our home.
R's parents (Honey & G-Dad) drove in on Saturday for a few hours & got Christmas going!

 The kids were so excited to see their grandparents & to start the Christmas Fun!
Great-Granny came too!

 We even got to open gifts which was super fun!!
We went ahead and opened up all the gifts from R's side of the family which was fun.
Ellie got a pram from her cousins and loved showing off her new stroller pushing skills.
Thanks for coming, Honey, G-Dad, & Great Granny!  So fun to see you and make Christmas memories in our home with you!!!  

That afternoon, we let Will skip his nap to play with grandparents...
he & his dad both ended up resting on the couch.
Christmas can be exhausting.

Going on a short walk with Daddy around our circle.

And then we enjoyed a fun family outing to look at Christmas lights!
(Ellie likes to yell, "Christmaaaaas Liiiiiiiiiiiights!" every single time she sees any semblance of Christmas around town.

More to come...

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Liz said...

I loveeee Ellie's grin in these pics!!

Liz said...
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