Ellie Pre Op Day

Ellie & I spent most of today in Dallas at the hospital for pre-op. I don't like pre op days- very long and tedious. Ellie hated getting vitals checked and being weighed but mostly she did great. We played blocks and stringing blocks. We colored. She walked everywhere which made me so gloriously happy- and made her doctors and nurses happy too! We brought her new baby Mckenna from her Honey. Mckenna has casts on all her limbs jut like Ellie will and was a huge hit with the hospital staff!
We finally got to our hotel and took a lovely nap together and had some precious cuddle time. I took off her splints for nap and bed time. I felt like since she is about to be casted for months- a chance to let her feet get some air would be nice. (Don't tell on me!)
Then we went for a fun walk and did some shopping. We ended up at a nice restaurant and had a great dinner together. Ellie is fun to take out- she loves to try new foods and is content to sit for hours chatting at a restaurant! We planned our future mother daughter trip to Italy and sealed the deal with gelato. Daddy finally got to town at the end of our meal and we are all back at the hotel now getting ready for a very early morning. I gave Ellie a nice long last bath and really scrubbed her hair with my favorite baby shampoo. This girl will miss bath time! (So will I.)
Ellie goes in for surgery tomorrow at 5am. They will begin on her at 8am. Please pray for our Ellie girl- surgery on both arms and both legs- yikes!

3 thoughts:

Christie Minich said...

We are SO praying for you!

Goodmom42 said...

She is really a cutie pie & how I envy your having a little girl to share mother & daughter trips with someday. Praying for your family in Michigan, God bless!

Goodmom42 said...
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