Happy New Year!


To celebrate New Year's Eve, we met up with some friends at a farm outside of our town...

kids stayed up late & played together

 Will & "Other Ellie" (aka - the girl he has informed me "he wants to play with for the rest of his life.") ahem.
Where was I?
Will & other Ellie happily played Hullaballoo together.

 We bathed some kiddos together...
and tossed them in some beds...
so the adult fun could be had!

R "snorkled" for hours using plastic forks

David spoke Spanish and posed like this...

well there were other things that I won't attempt to describe here.
We played Quelf - a hilarious random game.  The hilarity may have been increased by the late hour, the roaring fire, and the sangria...
I came home and ordered Quelf yesterday - I highly recommend it if you want some good laughs - I seriously laughed so hard I cried.

Finally, we called it a night & a new year & crashed - an adult slumber party

We woke up to 2013 listening to the sound of rain on a metal roof - a perfect way to start a new year.
The kids loved having a slumber party with friends out at the farm and thought it was so fun to be in our pjs and waking up with friends around!

R and the little girls went for a morning walk while the boys explored the farm via mule


They fed cows & horses

The view as we left:

We had a blast celebrating with good friends, laughing and playing.  But I've forgotten how exhausting slumber parties are!
As soon as we got home, we settled in for a long winter's nap!  
A perfect way to start the new year! 

A few pics from the last week...
we haven't done much - lots of playing with new toys and our new kitten

Loving on Ruby

And celebrating Daddy - who had a birthday last week!

Happy New Year to you!

2 thoughts:

ywilbur said...

Looks like all had a great time. I was lame: home with older son who stayed in his room with friend. I just noodled around. JK slept over at my mom's per his request...I really need to get some grown up friends. Or, at least get back in touch!

shae said...

man--who knew texas was so pretty!!! it looks like such a fun night. i have loved your holiday season posts....so pumped for your baby angel girl and the fam....so proud of ellie rocking it! miss you lots and love that i get to see the babes often on the blog....love to you all!

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