"Bless my heart, mommy "

Ellie is doing ok. She seems to be struggling more with pain tonight & I've noticed some swelling. We finally got the epidural out tonight so we are trying to transition to just oral pain meds. Because her iv is in her neck and there aren't a lot of iv options with all 4 limbs casted, we have had lots of iv issues. Last night, it became occulated (sp?) every 7-10 min! All night long. The alarm would sound and a nurse would come in and turn on lights and re-position her and iv. Sometimes e would wake up and be upset. A very long night for us girls. Thankfully, Honey & G-Dad came to town so R & I have taken some breaks and R let me get some rest this morning. Tonight, the hospital was hosting a painting time for patients. Ellie loves art and I thought painting would help perk her up. Honey & G-Dad took her to paint while R and I grabbed dinner. Since E is in casts , I think G-Dad served her by painting for her.
We have had a few moments of perking up- yay for good drugs. This morning, around 6:15am, she suddenly requested a cracker. Then she made a sad face and groaned and said, "bless my heart!"
Cracked me up. A nurse the other day said that a lot so I think she was copying her!
Tonight, however, she just seems to be hurting more and is crying a lot.
We are very hopeful that if we can get her pain under control and meet some criteria, then she may get to go home tomorrow afternoon. We also still need to get her casts wrapped.
She is not happy about the casts. They are heavy and uncomfortable. She has pins in her feet and says her feet hurt the most. She is very dependent on us for everything.
The not so good news is that there is a high likelihood we will have to do this again in a few years.
The great news is that the nurse who originally scheduled everything was confused or mis informed or something. Anyway- Ellie only has to have the casts on for 4 weeks!!! I just feel so relieved!! 4 weeks with 2 kids in casts is so so so much more doable than 12!!!
And instead of a second surgery, as we were originally told would happen march 12, the surgeon thinks he can avoid the operating room by using a local anesthesia and oral meds! Yay!!!
At this point, Ellie is hurting so we are praying for no pain. She is also increasingly becoming frustrated with her casts.
Bless her heart.

5 thoughts:

teecobb said...

Lots and lots of love and prayers to you my fellow sojourners....moment by moment staying in the present...praying you are home in your own beds very soon and rapid healing in all of your precious bambino's limbs.

Christie Minich said...

Prayers and hugs to you. She is so precious! I pray this is successful!
Love the picture of her sleeping on her gramma. :)

Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

sweet, precious girl. Praying for you all ~

Anonymous said...

prayers going out for everyone!

ywilbur said...

I've had some winter blahs but been thinking of and praying for you all lately.

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