Amazing Will!

This kid never ceases to amaze us!
On SuperBowl Sunday, as I put Ellie to bed, R watched the game.  Great Aunt Lili kindly stayed for dinner and to help with bedtime to give R the chance to watch the game.  I was listening as I rocked Ellie and Lili read stories to Will.
Suddenly, Will yelled, "I gotta show my dad!"
Earlier that night, at dinner, he suddenly announced that he had a loose tooth.  R and I both wiggled it and it was loose but didn't seem super loose - although there was a light line of blood at the gum line.
He continued to wiggle it with his tongue all through dinner.
While reading stories, he suddenly pulled it out.

Let us pause for a moment.

My little amazing kid, has one arm and hand in a cast.  On his remaining cast free arm, he has one partial finger.  His tongue, despite 3 surgeries, has a limited range of motion (note that it doesn't limit him at all!).
And yet, this kid managed to use his tongue and little finger to pull a tooth out all by himself!!!
We were all so excited and Will kept yelling, "I'm amazing!"
Yes, love, you certainly are.
You have no idea how amazing you are!
This was Will's second tooth to lose!
The tooth fairy brought him 50 cents extra for pulling out his own tooth so easily.

3 thoughts:

Christie Minich said...

Oh the excitement of a lost tooth! And to pull it yourself! Yes Will, you are an amazing little man! :)

kelly said...

LOVE that you know how amazing you are, will!! May you always remember!!!

Liz said...

Whoa! I didn't know Will had any issues with his tongue!

And bam! Boy, you are so far beyond amazing!!!

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