Will got to miss a day of school this week to enjoy one of our Christmas presents from Cookie & Lovie-
tickets to see Mary Poppins at Fair Park in Dallas!
Will & I left Ellie with a babysitter & drove up to Dallas where we met Lovie & Mimi for lunch at the theater & then enjoyed an awesome musical experience.

My favorite parts were when Will loudly exclaimed, 
"Mommy!  I see strings!  That's how Mary Poppins is flying! There's strings!"  
And then this:
"Lovie, this isn't the real Mary Poppins.  The real Mary Poppins has to live in Disney World because the air at Disney World is magic and that is what she has to breathe so this couldn't be the real one."
I adore his logic.

Will with "Jane & Michael Banks" after the show

Thanks, Lovie & Cookie!  What a fun fun way to spend a rainy day!

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