Love notes

Will wrote his first love note.
Actually, he's written three this week.
The first two were to his teacher.

Miz Dana is the wrld best in the techr whole.
(For the record - he ran out of space which is why "world" and "in the whole" got squeezed in wherever he could find space.)

and the back:
I luv Miz Dana

While doing the dishes late last night, I was suddenly overcome with tears.  I quickly quit the dishes (it doesn't take much) and grabbed pen and paper to write my own note.
April 18, 2013

Dear Mrs. Dana -

In the last two weeks, I have noticed Will suddenly taking interest and initiative in writing.  For the first time, he is picking up paper and pencil and writing to express himself.    And his letters!  Wow!  They are looking so much better!
I believe this is a direct result of his surgery, increased occupational therapy sessions, and your efforts.
He wrote his first love note this week.  Actually, he wrote several.
The first two were for you.
Admittedly, I was at first jealous.  Shouldn't it have been to me first?
But then I realized how appropriate and perfect that he would write his first note to you!
Five and a half years ago, I wondered how this precious boy would be able to write.  I never doubted he would write but the how eluded me.
Over the years, I have often argued with teachers and doctors and educators and potential schools who "suggested" and "encouraged" us to skip writing and go straight to teaching Will how to be dependent on technology for written communication.
I've always known he would figure out a way to write and it seemed to me that the best learning environment would be in a classroom full of other kids all learning to write as well.
Dana, there are no words to adequately express our thanks.
Thank you for believing in Will.  Thank you for holding him to a high standard.  Thank you for expecting him to write and to do so well.  Thank you for teaching him how to form letters and words and sentences.  Thank you for giving him opportunities to write and motivation to enjoy it.  Thank you for allowing him to do it in his way and for your patience as we've brought in therapists and tools and tried to figure out ways to help him accomplish his goals in using one hand.  (He's doing it now!!)  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for helping to teach our son to write.

Also, I got my love note.  Finally.
I luv Mome.  Mome is the best Mome in the wrld.  Will 5

Ellie's PT recently wondered out loud if Will would become a writer someday since his imagination is so vivid.  Wouldn't that be so cool - a kiddo with hand differences growing up to be a writer?  I'm so proud of his determination and perseverance.  Writing is not easy for Will - he is often frustrated and even has a hard time seeing what he is writing as the way he holds the pencil with the most stability blocks him from being able to see the letters he is forming.  I love too that he is writing kind notes to people for his first independent writing!

I can't find the pictures right now but Will has started writing with one hand (when we rubberband him up!)  It's AMAZING!!!  So very exciting!  This was his big goal & primary purpose behind the surgery last winter.
He has also begun holding more and more things with one hand - like cups and paint brushes and even some toys!  He gets so excited whenever he is able to grab something with one hand.  
So do I.  We don't take this for granted!

Off to wake him up - I promised I would wake him up early so that he could write one more note before school this morning.  It's a note for a sweet friend at school.  Of course, she happens to be a girl. Glad I got a note before her at least! ;)

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Liz said...

Oh Katie! I'm wiping happy tears. For several reasons.

Of course, first & foremost for Will's ability to write these sweet notes!

But second, for his sweet teacher. As an ex-preschool teacher (oh how I would love to go back to that career!!!!) I can't even begin to express how much things like that mean to a teacher. The notes he wrote for her are HUGE & she will, no doubt, cherish them for many years. But your note to her will hold a very special, significant spot in her heart. THANK YOU for taking the time to write her a letter & thank her for her work. I still have those special letters & cards from my students' parents. They mean so much!

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