Wedding Fun - Part Uno!

So my dad has this best friend since first grade named John.  They are hilarious together.  There are always swimming races when John & Tom get together.  They've also had some wild adventures together.  John married Debbie.  Debbie had a twin sister, Sandy, who married Jim.  My parents plus John & Debbie plus Jim & Sandy became best of friends.  We lived in various states & never in the same city - but we met for white water canoeing & camping every year.  We became in some ways, closer than family.
We are "the tribe."
When I was in college, John & Debbie & their two girls moved to Guatemala to be missionaries.  We went to visit them & then I moved down there one summer to live & work with them at the children's home.
There, I met Elvia.

I proceeded to make a few more trips to Guatemala & have some great memories of Elvia as a young teenager and getting to know her and others in Guate.
Then, John & Debbie moved home.
This time, they brought their adopted daughter, Elvia, with them back to NC.
So now Elvia was in the tribe too.

Elvia grew up & graduated and left home &  became a teacher.   My kids adore her.
She has been there for some of our Will races in Dallas & for the births of my children.
She also has come to Texas just to hang out & we've loved our time spent playing with "Aunt Elvia."
I've loved watching my kiddos develop relationships with some of my dearest friends.
When she came last summer, she spent the night with the kids & I (R was out of town) & I noticed she was talking to this one guy on the phone a LOT.  And she told me she was going to MARRY HIM!

She got married two weeks ago & I loved getting to watch her story continue to unfold and be at her wedding!
After the rehearsal dinner, we all gathered at the S's home for dinner and praise and worship & toasts.
Gama & Israel led the praise & worship.  They are now young men attending college in the USA.
I had last seen them as 5 year olds in Guatemala!

The "tribe" "cousins/second generation"

The "tribe" aunts/ first generation plus the bride
The wedding was perfect & beautiful!  We spent some time Saturday morning praying with Elvia and then had so much fun celebrating her marriage that afternoon!

That night, after E was gone for her honeymoon, we gathered at a little restaurant and had the most fun meal I can remember having in a long, long time.  Laughed so hard I cried.  So good to be with my people.  Precious, precious friends.

Coming up - round 2 - 
Because 2 weeks later, Elvia's sister, Claire was married!  And Will was the ring bearer!!!

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