Texas Day 2013

I've gotten really bad about this whole blogging thing  - I have a mental list going of things to blog about... & obviously that system is working out well for me.  Except maybe not.
I do have at least one good reason I'm behind - & I need your help figuring this out... but I'll post on that another day.

For now... catching up with Texas Day 2013

Will's school has a huge Texas Day Celebration.  It's lots of fun & he is still singing the songs for us.

The kindergarteners

Ellie watching the show

Demonstrating circle dancing

The cute little kindergarten classes with the "Long Tall Texan"

Will & Lovie & the Long Tall Texan
off to do the activities

Will & a friend

Gold mining

Horse racing

Cow branding


Cow Paddy Throwing

horse shoes with Daddy

Cactus Ring Toss

Songs around the campfire

Sweet friends

and real horse riding!

Outback catered a lunch and we had so much fun picnicking with family & celebrating all things Texas!

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