Catching Up - Summer Part 2!

Since the last day of summer is almost here, I decided to put a deadline on myself and get the last of our summer pics up!
(It's hard to believe it is almost fall when the temps were over 100 today!)
Regardless- here's set 1 of summer part 2...
(except for these next few.  They are from last Christmas.)
(Try not to be jealous of my supreme organizational skills.)

So technically - these aren't from the summer.  Technically speaking, they are from December 2012.  Oops.
Forgot to blog them & just in case I ever get around to printing this thing out for the fam scrapbook (bc no other scrapbooking is going to possibly happen so this is my only chance,) I want to include these pics!

One of Will's Christmas presents from his Cookie & Lovie were tickets to see Batman Live in Dallas!  We got to take his best friend and his mommy (my friend) which was so fun.
We road tripped it to Dallas with two very excited little boys

And we had amazing seats (no surprise there- Lovie goes all out)
Then, we had dinner at one of our favorite Dallas restaurants together.  Such a fun way to spend a December Day!

Moving On...

Back to mid Summer-

doing Bubble art with Ellie

playing fetch at the lake with Ruby

Super Spy Will & his sidekick, Pink.

Father Son fishing

Sometimes, I try to do fun things with my kids after Dallas doctor days.  I have a bad habit of almost always underestimating how long we will be at the hospital in Dallas.  A friend who worked there called me out on last spring & pointed out that I always tend to think we will be in and out for a quick appt and then we are still there 4 hours later.
I'm trying to adjust my optimism so I can be more pleasantly surprised.  It's tough mentally on me & extra exhausting when I think we are going in for one thing & end up staying for testing and various other specialists.
Anyway, when time permits, I take the kids to a museum or zoo in Dallas or the aquarium.  Sometimes we just go play in a park for a little bit.  
This summer, I decided to make a really fun day for Will.  I let him skip his nap and on the way home from the hospital, we stopped at a big waterpark!

We had a BLAST together & rode as many slides as we possibly could.
I was too scared to ride this one but Will was a thrill seeker & went for it!

Oh my goodness- terrified me.  He is so stinking brave!

 I loved listening to him giggle and squeal down the double tube slides

Making mud pies on a rainy morning

Ellie is taking her very first dance class this fall!  (more later - I'm so emotional about it every week.)
She was so so so excited when we went to register this summer & loves wearing her dance clothes and practicing.

Wild Will - running everywhere

Street game of baseball with the neighbors - my heart is so full.  I love that he has sweet kids on our street to play with.  Many afternoons spent this summer playing til dark outside.  Perfect.  

Ellie learning to run!

Racing neighbors on bikes

 Not an easy feat for a kiddo with hand and feet differences - not to mention wearing prosthetics in this heat!  He makes me so proud.

Of course, we swam just about every single day - sometimes two times a day!
I have fish for children.

One of my friends had a baby in August.  For her shower, she requested a girls' night out/ non shower. Best baby shower ever.  We got pedicures together and the girls came to my house for dinner.  We stayed up way way way too late laughing but had a blast.  I love having good friends at my table.

Leapfrog with Daddy

"zombie walking" (also known as trying to wear kids out for good naps after a long morning at church)

Will did a fine arts camp this summer at my parents' church.  He really enjoyed it and at the end of the week, they performed a musical, "Arkeology."  He was a turtle on Noah's Ark.  I can't find my pictures from the show but here's a practice shot.  Ellie loves the music too.

one more set to go...

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ywilbur said...

your summers make me regret never learning to swim well.

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