Embracing His Inner Wild Child

By this summer Will had outgrown another set of prosthetics.  We began working on a new pair in mid-summer and I was hoping they would be ready by the time he started school.
Due to some complications, he had to wait a few more weeks but finally, we headed to Dallas for his new zancos - 
this is a new style for us & Will embraced the prosthetics by choosing a very (VERY!) bold pattern:

And all I have to say is that "I've come a long way, baby!"
When he was a baby and I would see older kids in wild prosthetics at the hospital, I thought my child will NEVER wear something like that.  We'll stick to flesh colored legs, thank you very much.
A few years later, I relaxed a bit and we went for small designs - small pictures at the ankles.
Last year, he had so many interests that I let him do 2 pictures per leg.  
And this year, well - they are his prosthetics and if people are going to stare, we may as well give them something wild to take a look at!
It's definitely a conversation starter!

Per our usual routine, we headed to the Dallas mall to shoe shop after picking up his new zancos (we went up a size in the feet.  Yes.  I pick his shoe size and foot size when he gets new prosthetics.  That always feels a bit surreal.  I've been known to text his friend's mamas while I'm at the hospital to find out what size foot his peers have.  It's kind of a big decision!)
While at Nordstrom, I began to panic because he wanted some light up shoes and I wasn't sure those fit into the school dress code.  So I texted a few friends asking them to check the dress code...
it hit me later - the irony that I was concerned about light up shoes... pretty sure those little lights aren't the first thing someone will notice when checking out Will's new zancos!
His teacher loved them and affirmed his design choices & they have been a big hit at school!
Unfortunately, the fit has not been great.  This new style is difficult to put on, somewhat uncomfortable for Will, & extra heavy.  We will likely head to Dallas soon in hopes of finding a new solution or adjusting these.
In the meantime, I've come a long way & actually love that he picked out such a fun, wild design!
And color coordinating his clothes hasn't been nearly as difficult as I once imagined.

3 thoughts:

ywilbur said...

cool zancos! I have to say I was hoping JK would pick design even with his first pair. The prostheticist brought out samples but he just wanted flesh colored and that is all he still wants. I'm trying to figure out the design of Will's (velcro?). JK's have crumbled at the knee but still fitting okay once enlarged the rubber sheaf thing (his has a slit in it and he grew so much that was pushing through and getting a red cut on side of leg. Maybe next time he will pick a wild design after seeing Will's.

bryna said...

Can u tell us the differance between the two styles and what the differance is please thank!' Love the color chooses will

Annette Honeycutt said...

Very cool! Very WILL :-)

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