Color Race

Months and months ago, way back in the beginning of the summer...
Will & I did a local Color Run with some friends!
Basically - you get coated in colored paint and dyes and powder over the course of a 5K run.

Will & I tried to mix it up - sometimes we spun through colors, one time he hung upside down from me while he was sprayed.  

We were covered in colors & exhausted & hot and happy.
It's called the "happiest race on the planet" and for good reason - fun dance music, cotton candy & pixie sticks for the runners... and colors! 

Our only issue was that Will rode piggy back on me for most of the race.  I didn't take a stroller because  I worried he wouldn't want to ride a stroller in front of his friends.
I also didn't plan ahead well and just assumed there would be sidewalks or manicured lawns on the race route.
There were not.
Streets are hard for Will to run on - they hurt his bare little feet... and at the time, his prosthetics weren't fitting him well at all (plus they are so stinking HOT!) so prosthetics weren't really an option.
So we piggy backed - often way behind our friends but they were kind enough to wait for us & cheer for us and encourage us on.
I'm trying to figure out a better solution for Will - something to protect his feet outside & enable him to keep up with his buddies... but not covering most of his legs & adding the weight and height of prosthetics.  He is so able and functional without prosthetics that really they seem unnecessary - except when he needs shoes.
Ideas, anyone?

Meanwhile, Will did get new prosthetics ("zancos") last month.
He wanted black legs with blue flames.
I'll let that soak in for a moment.

This is a new style for us - the open front and back and are in two pieces instead of a solid socket.  They are rather loud (very loud) when he walks/runs and we are having some fitting issues.  We'll be getting that checked out soon.
I'm not sure if this is a good solution for him but at least he can wear shoes when he needs to.  And he loves his chosen design!

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ywilbur said...

hmm...interesting. I'm on a prosthetic hunt. Kharan is getting big for the Sach foot. It snapped in half two days ago. It is hard for him but he can walk without it...with a huge limp. His long limb and having unaffected right leg/foot limits prosthetic but there..he tends to walk or jump/land on prosthetic toes (sort of like a ballerina would) so not rolling motion. I wonder if flex-symes might work, although I'm a bit scared to talk to his prosthetist who has always be take a basic prosthetic and be happy. I feel he wants us to be happy with whatever he gives and be happy with it. Might switch to another local prosthetics company but not sure. I love the blue ones. JK is up for new one December (they used old prosthetics foot for now so up and walking).

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