Halloween 2013

Boo to You!
Happy Halloween 2013!
Love, Cinderellie & Commander Cody

A little Halloween week recap:

Ellie making a fun spider craft using a tiny pumpkin

This year, we had two fun pumpkin carving parties the weekend before Halloween.
The kids really had very little interest in carving or cleaning out the pumpkin.
Ellie drew a face (sort of)...

 and then enjoyed yummy party foods while R & I worked away.
(Meanwhile - Will was running around a backyard somewhere with friends.)
(This is why only one pumpkin got carved.
Also - it was not very good.)

I did all the gooey work & then suddenly, R swooped in & began the "design" part.  We went with "simple/retro pumpkin"
Triangle eyes, upside down triangle nose, & mouth with missing teeth

The next day, we went to another annual party...
and because we had carved one pumpkin with very little input from the kids - we decided to just hang out at this party & not bother carving.  
Good call on our part.

The kids loved playing with their best friends for hours.

Dr. Rick let Ellie feed chickens

Which Will promptly chased

On Halloween day, 
the kids & I did our annual "surprise" to Daddy at work.
Daddy's office is a good spot for trick or treating - we've got the market cornered there as there aren't any other kids.
R's assistant hooked them up with some amazing Halloween goody pumpkins!

Then, we joined up with our friends at Cookie & Lovie's house for some neighborhood trick or treating

Finally, we ended the night hanging out and having dinner with good friends.
Some Young Life girls showed up to help distribute candy - Ellie was very happy and surprised us all by sitting in a teenager's lap to pass out candy.  (Ellie is normally shy & scared of teenagers who might become babysitters!)

This was a great way to end Halloween - kids running around in costumes playing, yummy chili and dear friends around a fire.

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