A Very Good Thanksgiving (2013)

The kids and I found this tree after a grocery story run recently.  Isn't it amazing?! I had to go back and get more pictures.
I'm reading Ann Voskamp's Jesse Tree Advent devotional and trees like this bring to life the imagery of Jesus coming from the root of Jesse and His family lineage.

Due to R's work schedule, he ended up canceling our original plans to drive to West TX for Thanksgiving.  On Tuesday, he told me to go to the store and buy groceries to prepare my very first Thanksgiving dinner.
I now have a turkey and other yummy goodies stuffed in my freezer.
On my way home from the store, loaded up with groceries, he texted that his work schedule had changed and we were back to original plan - off to West TX!
I spent Wednesday packing up and preparing some foods and early Thursday, we loaded up the van and headed west.
8 hours later...
we were so happy to see family!

(I have a bad habit of closing my eyes.  Oops.  But it's the only family picture we took.)

Will was so happy to see cousins!

 Each of the grandsons had a role before dinner.  Hayden read scripture, Harper prayed, & Will sang a hymn.  It was precious.
Ellie apparently loves banana pudding & managed to convince her Honey to feed her 3 bowls!

Ellie has been quite the performer lately - she walked around singing for everyone.

Will and his great grandmother 
(precious video of these two coming soon)

After Thanksgiving dinner football came

My kids love having cousins around to play with

Ellie singing for Hayden

Ellie playing hide n seek with Hayden

The Friday before Thanksgiving, we had an early turkey dinner with my side of the family...
Ellie & P-paw (except Ellie named him Grandpa)

Will performing his Thanksgiving songs

Will & Mimi 

Ellie performing a variety of songs

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