Spring 2014 (Recap)

Summer is thankfully only a short and sweet 5 days away for this family.  As I helped Will get ready for school this morning (still way too early!)  we daydreamed together about al the things we can't wait to do in the summer:
swimming! sleeping! Reading!  cartoons!  And according to Will - sleeping in for 50 hours!
(I have loved his school and his teacher but I am definitely a summer mom & am so ready to have him back home with me!  My countdown may be more about me than him!)

So with summer rapidly approaching, here's a recap of our spring.
It's been fun & busy and wonderful (mostly.)
So with no further ado...
I present the longest post ever.
For Spring Break, the kids & I road tripped to see some of our best friends on the planet in Central TX.
Pretty much it was perfect - 
Will & Mason are the same age as are their little sisters.

The kids were instant best friends

as were the girls

Both Hailey & Ellie spend most of their time being mommies...

More to come on Will's reading but he & Mason enjoyed some good books together

Sweet friends having a slumber party (this didn't last all night)

(neither did this)

Ellie plays doctor all the time.  She loves to give check ups.

Not bad for two dislocated shoulders!

The crazy Waco gorilla - we took a walk one evening to show this to my kids.

Make up time

Mason introduced Will to the joy of creating things from paper.  The boys made paper ipads and even paper plugs for their ipads and then they spent hours playing pretend paper ipads.
This makes my heart smile.
Since returning home, Will has continued to make paper objects of all kinds.

Being with the T Family felt like home to me.  This may be because I spent more meals and hours hanging out in their home while R was in grad school than I spent in my own home I think!

Will was in his second play, "The Dragon of Krakow."
He played "elder #1."  He informed me he needed a beard, a cane, & glasses for his costume.  When I asked him why, he told me he was an "elder" and that means he is supposed to look old!
Of course!

His sweet teacher came to his performance.

The elder with his grandparents

Ellie is getting more and more into dress up too.
Dorothy is one of her favorites

We saw another musical in Dallas this spring with Cookie & Lovie - Wizard of Oz!
It was fantastic and we all loved it!

One Friday, Will went with his class to a local field where they met their  8th grade buddies for a kite day & picnic.
He had a blast!

The little sisters had fun watching the kites

For Christmas I really wanted a wooden swing...
& I got it!  
It's one of my favorite gifts ever as there's almost always a kid out swinging now in my front yard - sometimes it's even my own kid.

I've caught neighbor kiddos quietly swinging or loudly singing to themselves and it just makes my heart so happy to look out and see someone swinging.  Already, the grass has been worn out beneath it and I just love that.  Kids belong on swings.
I confess that I often go out late at night and swing under the stars.  It totally relaxes me and makes me feel small to stare at the stars from my swing.

We've enjoyed some recent long walks in our neighborhood and Will has been working hard on mastering bike riding - he's doing great!
Ellie does great too walking and went over 2 miles one day!

Ellie had her little dance class spring show off.  I channeled my creative side (had to dig deep) and made all the girls matching tutus.

Ellie and her favorite dance teacher, Mrs. Jeanne

She got to dance with her daddy at the spring show!  It was precious

After the dance show, Ellie and I headed to the make up store as I needed a few things...
I turned around and discovered that she had found the lipstick.
She doesn't do subtle.

Being a mommy can wear a girl out - Ellie pretend co sleeping with all her babies.

Will has started tennis again and loves it.  He practices in the yard almost daily and always enjoys his lesson.
I joined a tennis team and league this spring too & have LOVED learning the sport and playing so much.  It's the only time where I truly just turn off my brain to every thing except playing tennis.  I can't  think of errands or grocery lists or make phone calls or check email or worry about anyone.  I get to be outside for a few hours, laugh with friends, exercise, and think of nothing except the sport and the game.
It's amazingly refreshing.
I lost my first match but won my second and it is just a blast. 
(Especially winning.  That was more fun.)
(Will made me a pipecleaner ball for good luck which I wore attached to my shoe for my second match.  I think that was what did it.   He has since begun making them for our whole team.)

A few days after hand camp (that gets its own post soon), Honey & G-Dad came to town to take care of the kids & we headed to VA for a very special wedding.
In between wedding events, we managed to explore Richmond, VA with friends.
I love history & Richmond has it in abundance.

Carolyn & I rocked on the groom's 200 year old porch.  

The church where Patrick Henry gave his famous "Give me liberty or give me death" speech.  The grave markers here were fascinating.

With dear friends at the wedding

I've known Michael since before he was born - he's like a little brother to me & I loved being there to see him get married!

The dad of the groom & R

Will & I 

My groom & I

The weekend's groom & I

And that is it (almost) for Spring 2014 in a nutshell.
Summer Here We Come!

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