June 17, 2010

My Sweet (Cinder)ellie-
Tonight, we watched a girly Disney movie together! When our doctor first suggested nearly 3 months ago that I enjoying you now while I have you & that I put forth the effort to do special activities together, one of my first thoughts was that we needed to watch Cinderella together. I hadn't been able to locate it as it is in Disney's "vault" (someday I hope to explain this weird Disney mystery to you!) And then, this week, a friend loaned me a copy as a surprise so we could have a mother/daughter date!
First we watched it on the big television with your big brother. (He reminded me that you couldn't see it yet -just hear it.) Then, after he went to bed, I put it on the portable dvd player with the headphones on you - Ellie in my Belly. I wanted to make sure you could hear it!
We stayed up pretty late but I think you enjoyed it as you did lots of somersaults!
I love you, sweet girl, & I hope we get to watch every Disney princess movie together someday!

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