Ellie in the Bely Update (30 weeks) & Will's Toothache Plus My Heartache

That's a long title.
It's a 2 part post.
I'm tired & want a quick nap before I get busy doing everything that "must be done during naptime!"

Ellie in the Belly - 30 weeks
Another good week for sweet Ellie. She is measuring 31 weeks!!! I am 30 weeks, 1 day so that is great news. The doctor shared that one is his concerns for her is that she will stop growing or become growth restricted. I didn't know this was a concern. He was glad to see her measuring big! She weighs 3 lbs, 10 oz! This seems like such a good, healthy size to me.
Her eyes were open lots & her hair is quite long - kind of waving on the top actually. So fun to watch & imagine putting hair clips in. (I already have several packed in her hospital bag!) Hopefully, she'll be more tolerant of me fixing her hair than her brother is. Also, hopefully, she'll get his curls.
No swelling evident this week & fluid levels looked good. My fluid levels are on the high side of normal and we are continuing to monitor the fluid as it can be an indication of an inability for her to swallow - which is always a concern related to some of her issues.
Her bowels do not indicate masses at this time but look like there is a possibility that some may be forming - but not enough evidence to label them at this point.
Next week, along with the weekly ultrasounds, he will start me on some sort of heart monitor (stress test maybe?)
We discussed delivery options as I have been researching this a lot. I keep reading about babies with some similar issues as Ellie who have to be delivered via c-section due to the risk of breaking bones in a natural birth. I brought this up to the doctor today but he feels there are lots of risks with c-sections as well - even when the doctor does a bigger incision. Ellie is not presenting like the typical baby with her condition so she may not require c-section. He feels like this is a decision to be made Aug 3 by my delivering OB & Dallas perinatologist.
I have also been concerned about respiratory issues that I have researched but he informed me we can't test for these prenatally so I'm going to be trying to find a pediatric pulmonologist to add to her care team at birth. (Is that even a speciality or am I making that up?)
Just to be sure, my ditzy preggo brain asked if there were any alternative methods for delivery apart from c-section & natural - since both carry risks for Ellie. He informed me there are not. My husband made fun of me for asking. I admit, my brain cells aren't functioning at full capacity. R always says when I am pregnant that our children will be so smart because all my brain cells migrate south to build babies (& leave me asking dumb questions.)
All in all, Ellie is stable this week & we are continuing to watch for various possibilities and concerns.

Will -
Yesterday, the cutest thing happened & my heart nearly exploded. He brings immeasurable joy and laughter to our home & lives! At the grocery store, Mr. Never Met a Stranger struck up a conversation with the cowboy in front of us in the line. They had quite a conversation and as we were later loading our car, the cowboy found us in the parking lot & gave Will a real life horseshoe - which now goes everywhere with us! Will the Flirt also managed to wrap three older women around his little bitty finger. Again, as I was putting my groceries on the conveyor belt, he began to flirt shamelessly with the women behind me. He then began to sing, loudly, "Row Row Row Your Boat" & other nursery rhyme songs. He carried on quite the conversation with them - telling them about his baby sister, Ellie, & that he is 2 but going to be 3 on his birthday, etc. Then, as we were headed out, I said to tell them bye. He yelled, "Bye!" & proceeded to blow kisses.
Have I mentioned that he has never met a stranger in his life & is rather extroverted?

This afternoon, we went to grab lunch with some friends at Chick Fil A & Will was playing with the other kids on the play equipment. I visited with my friend & even had some laughs about what people will say when I am out in public someday, trying to grocery shop, with a kid in prosthetics & a baby in casts. My dear friend, who gives me the grace to be me, laughed with me & then also offered to go grocery shopping for me for awhile so I don't have to deal with that! Then, Will was injured. His mouth (3rd mouth injury in a week!) was really bleeding & I think his front tooth may have had it - it's rather loose, I think. I asked him as he began to calm down what happened and he said that "a girl and a kid were looking at my feet." He told me they tried to grab his shorts and that he tripped and hurt his mouth. I glanced in the room, ready to fight someone or at least talk to their parent, but they were gone. I had to control my tongue - I wanted to tell Will Mommy would "get them" or hurt them... but with every ounce of parenting self-control in me, I restrained myself from making out loud physical threats about people under the age of 10.
When we got home, I put Will down for his nap & crawled beside him for cuddle time. As we lay there (in the dark thankfully as I couldn't stop my tears), I told him he has permission to say, "please stop looking at me." And, if they don't, he can come get Mommy. He had some ideas about sharks and lions getting them but I told him I was like a Mommy lion & would take care of my son and make sure they stop.
I don't know what the proper response to teach him is - any ideas?
I know I am supposed to let him go & let him learn but it is sometimes so hard for me. Just when I think I'm being "normal" & letting him play without his mommy hovering nearby, ready to jump in to rescue him, something happens like this. With older kids, he's not always big enough to respond - or they don't take him seriously.
This is the first time he has expressed an awareness of people staring at him because he is different. It breaks my heart as it feels like another bit of innocence is gone.
How in the world will I manage this with 2 children?

2 thoughts:

Vickie said...

It is funny how our mother bear instincts come out when someone hurts our children. Will is so precious and will teach more to us than we will ever know. His passion for life and outgoing personality is just precious! I love the cowboy story! WE continue to pray for you and Ellie everyday. Thank you for sharing, thank you for reminding us who really is in charge.

ChrisP said...

I remember a time my Ev was describing when his friends had done something cruel to him and his hurt. My mother bear reared her ugly head, and I explained that 'friends' did not do that.
My precious blessed 'special beyond my comprehension' son explained "Yes mom, they MY friends cause I theirs'.
We are so blessed to have them!!

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