Oh, I love my Sweet Will!
Here's a few of the precious things he's said this week:
  • Mommy, that's a pretty dress! (This is the first time he has ever said this to me - unprompted. Oh, my heart fluttered as my little crush complimented my maternity church dress!)
  • I love you, Mommy! (He says this a lot lately & I just LOVE it!)
  • Mommy, don't cry. It's okay, Mommy. Do you need a bandaid, Mommy? (said after he found me in the rocking chair in Ellie's room sobbing my heart out after reading some more information about one of her issues.)
  • Shiver Me Pretenders!
  • While pretending to drive thru Chick fil A in his little car recently, "Ma'am, I'd like chicken nuggets, fruit, and lemonade please and a salad with black olives for my Mommy. Thank you & here is three dollars." Precious. And I'm so thankful that somehow when I've ordered a #1 with extra pickles every single time at Chick fil A that my sweet Will has heard "salad with olives." Precious. He'll grow up thinking I'm a health nut! :)
  • Yes Way, Ted! Awesome that our two year old can quote Daddy quoting Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
  • Said upon seeing Daddy's car in the garage at lunch time: Mommy, Daddy's car is here! But Daddy's not home, Mommy. His car is here but his face is not here. He was happy to see upon entering the kitchen that Daddy did, in fact, bring home his face.
  • I'm sorry, Mommy. Why, Will? Because Ellie is hurting. Put some medicine on her, Mommy.
  • Mommy, when a dragon comes in our house, I will fight him with my pirate sword and save you and Caroline Ellie Ellie Grace will fight him with me. And I will rescue her!
  • Mommy, is Ellie jumping? I don't hear her.
  • Mommy, I don't want to go to college. I want to stay home with you & Daddy. I quickly assured him he doesn't have to go... and that I would remind him of this with great joy when he is 18! (His favorite babysitter is about to leave for school, hence the conversation.)
  • At the grocery store earlier, the basket was really heavy on my arm (& Will was on my other arm & I did body pump this morning so my biceps & triceps hurt & have I mentioned that I am 30 weeks pregnant?) and I told Will I thought my arm was going to fall off to which he immediately responded, Mommy, your arm is not going to fall off because God made it! God made your arm, Mommy! And my heart smiled as I realized that he is listening when we talk about God making him & his unique body. I am so thankful that he gets it and even wanted to reassure me - it's sinking into him!
  • I love you, Mommy. You're my favorite girl!
  • Daddy is my hero!!!

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