Last year, Will received a very cool butterfly house from his friend, H, for his birthday. Earlier this summer, my monarch butterfly friends showed up in the form of caterpillars that destroy my passion flower vine every summer. While I wage war on the caterpillars, I absolutely love the butterflies. I love watching them truly swarm my backyard - just hundreds at any given moment. They believe they have found paradise in my passion flower and I'm pretty sure the come from all over the frontier.
Will & I decided one night to capture some caterpillars - rather than go online & actually pay for some! Being the mommy, I figured out that he should be the one to grab them... I was kind of afraid, I admit. Bugs are not my thing.
So, we came up with a system. I located the caterpillars eating my plant & Will then would grab them off & relocate them to their new home.
Once, one fell down my dress & got lost somewhere in the midst of the pregnanyness... it was not a pretty sight as I screamed & attempted to locate it. Will was rolling in laughter on the ground.
I digress.
We captured some caterpillars, gave them some leaves and flowers to munch on, & sat back and waited.
Except we didn't really sit because we don't have time for that.
We actually left town for doctors' appointments.
Meanwhile, a friend dropped off a huge caterpillar in our cage which I mistakenly tried to take credit for because I thought one of ours was for some reason not looking very monarch like.
I've sad to report, S, that he did not survive.
I don't think he appreciated the passion flower vine food I left for them.
Or maybe there was cannibalism.
It's hard to know.
Anyway, when we came back to town, we had some tiny little cocoons and a perfect science lesson for Will.
A few days later, our monarchs hatched! (Is that the right word?)
They were beautiful swarming in their cage and we tried to release them to their friends and family but they refused to exit the house.
This was such a fun lesson for Will & since I have a plentiful supply, we'll be doing this lots!
Will already associates butterflies with Ellie - since that is what her nursery is decorated in. It's really precious to hear him talk about how much "Caroline Ellie Ellie Grace" (yes, he still calls her that!) loves butterflies!

We also made the coolest butterfly craft, thanks to my friend, E, who lovingly parted with the one her son made to send it to me for Ellie! I've packed the one her kiddo made for Ellie's nicu bed (have I mentioned I have a thing for decorating hospital rooms/nicu beds?)
I then decided to copy the idea (sorry, my creativity is at an all time low lately!) & have Will make the craft.
Without any prompting from me, he said he was making it for Ellie.
I plan on framing it for her room.
It's a "stained glass (tissue paper) butterfly" & is beautiful! We wrote Ellie's verse (Zep. 3:17) around the edges of her wings.
I just love it!
Thanks, E, for the creative inspiration!
Happy fluttering butterflies!

2 thoughts:

gtown1 said...

aww glad ya'll are enjoying the idea and making more :)
thanks for sharing and posting.
love, ej & the boys

~Stevie~ said...

I'm sad that it didn't make it. I'll have to pass it on to the boys. They were wondering! CUTE craft! Looks fun-I love crafts! :)

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