Cooking with Will & Ellie

July 2010

Dear Ellie Girl,

I was thinking recently that perhaps I ought to teach you about cooking. The problem is that I haven't been too interested in cooking recently.
However, thanks to you, I have been craving slushy drinks and lemonade. Thanks to your flowing locks, I get heartburn if I exceed my limit in lemonade. Your brother, on the other hand, has no limits for how much lemonade he can drink. He loves it!
Yesterday, we decided to make a slushy together from a recipe in his Highlights magazine. It has watermelon and raspberries in it. Your big brother, Will, ate the watermelon pieces I asked him to put in the blender. Fortunately, I was prepared for this possibility with extra fruit!
I also thought that I should perhaps teach you how to make your Daddy's favorite cookies: chocolate chip oatmeal raisin. I pray that someday you will be able to cook for your husband.
For now, though, we'll cook for Daddy. Thankfully, Will didn't find it too odd that I speak to you while we are cooking to tell you what we are doing. Perhaps that is because he talks to you all day long too!
He loves chocolate chips and raisins and ate them out of the bowl just as quick as I could put them in!
I love you, my sweet Ellie girl, & enjoy teaching you girly things!
This is the best I could do at getting a picture of Ellie in the Belly cooking
Kitchen power tools are fun!

2 thoughts:

Kara said...

Gosh, that kid is cute and he looks good in yellow. Will he be attending preschool? I am sure he will have many friends with a big smile like that!

Lisa said...

I LOVE this post! What a fun day in the kitchen!
I adore the cowboy boots (Stacey S. sent to my friend Katie and Katie sent to me) picture. Will is beyond cute!!!

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