Ellie in the Belly Update - 34 weeks

Another good week for sweet Ellie. She passed her NST yesterday (non stress test - ha!) in about 30 minutes - a record time for Ellie! She only needed one buzz to get her going which was good.
(And I chugged a coke early this time to help speed up the process which maybe helped.)
She passed her breathing exercises and BPP (bio-physical profile.)
Her amniotic fluid levels are rising again - but still in the normal range (just in the high norm now) Hopefully, they'll stay in the normal range & not continue rising back up to the polyhydramnios level.
I will have a big ultrasound ("numbers") next week to determine her size, check her organs & masses, etc.
And then we're off to deliver this precious girl!
Thank you for your continued prayers!
My regular perinatologist will be out next week so I'll see his partner. This was my final time with Dr. B. He has cared for both Will & Ellie in the belly. He gave me a big hug yesterday & told me he was "fairly confident" I will be able to bring Ellie home & to meet him someday.
I so hope so.
Wish it was a definitely confident but after some of the scares she's given all of us, I'll take what I can get!

2 thoughts:

Lisa said...

I have GOOD goose bumps!!!
lisa webb

sarah said...

I was so honored to be a part of the celebration for you and Ellie last night...I can't wait to meet her, hold her, babysit her, and oh yea, spoil her rotten (your welcome R)!!

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