Ellie in the Belly Update - 35 weeks

I had my final "numbers" ultrasound today & local NST & BPP.
We leave Monday for Dallas!!! Oh my goodness, I am so NOT ready to have this baby (mostly because I like keeping her with me at all times & I'm terrified of all the testing, etc she will be going through at birth - things feel so "stable" right now as long as I can keep her with me - ha ha ha.)
Anyway, here's the weekly update:
Numbers: Ellie measured 5 lbs, 10 oz (give or take 13oz) Last Friday, during my regular ob checkup, we noticed that I had apparently not grown since mid-June. (As of today, I've lost a few pounds in the last 3 weeks too.) Anyway, I have been nervous since Friday that if my uterus was not growing, perhaps that meant Ellie was not growing either.
Thankfully, today's ultrasound revealed that she has grown! Praise God.
And that means I can just be happy about the weight loss. It's the little things. :)
She is head down, face down -so that's good. Still unclear as to whether or not we should do a c-section for her so we will really lean on our 3 doctors we are meeting with in Dallas in a few days for their wisdom and discernment. I'm also continuing to pore through my medical textbook for insight.
She wouldn't let us look at her face but she did give me lots of glimpses of that long, flowing hair. :)
We couldn't really check out her limbs & joints - too crowded in there- so a lot is uncertain at this point as far as the severity of her joint contractures and her flexibility.
My amniotic fluid level has dropped - again - to 10.2. Normal is anywhere from 10-20 so I am at the bottom of the normal levels now. (Apparently, for 35 weeks ga, that is equivalent to 22% and since we will be delivering soon (yikes!), it's okay for now.)
Her organs looked good - it was hard to tell if there are still masses or not in her liver and her heart looked clear but we see a cardiologist for an echo in Dallas in a few days so I'm holding out for her opinion as well as our Dallas perinatologist for his opinion on her organs. (I didn't see my regular doctor today and the guy I saw was still rather vague.) We also couldn't get the right angle to check on her cysts.
I did decide today that though I love watching her, I really do long to hold her & see her in full color - instead of grainy ultrasound! (Except that I'm scared of what is to come but more on that later.)
NST- After about 20 minutes on the non-stress test monitor, the nurse came in & squealed. She said she was so "impressed and proud" of Ellie! It was the best Ellie had ever done. Of course, when she went to locate the doctor, Ellie's heart rate decreased in a big dip. So, when the nurse saw that, they had to then leave me hooked up longer to make sure Ells didn't do that again. Stinker. Thankfully, it was a one time thing & I was cleared to leave.
We head to Dallas next Monday & I will see our ob, perinatologist, & cardiologist there. I don't know if we will meet the rest of Ellie's "care team" prior to the delivery (There's about 8 specialists plus a chaplain & counselor on the care team.) They will set her delivery date in Dallas after checking her on Tuesday. I anticipate it occurring the week of Aug. 9!

3 thoughts:

Julia said...

Covering you with prayers! Nothing else needs to be said. God is Good - He holds you and precious Ellie in His hands.

Kelly said...

Katie, I will be praying for you and Ellie and family. I cannot wait to see some pictures of your sweet Eleanor. I will pray especially for those first days/weeks after she is born when she is having lots of testing and procedures done- that you can be a major part of each moment, that you will know how to communicate well with all of the doctors (you have had your share of practice!), and that Ellie will be able to be in your arms very early on. Love you!

Sarah said...

Keeping up with you and Ellie and praying for both of you!

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