To Do

Before leaving for Dallas for months:

pack Ellie's hospital bag, hospital decor crate, apartment bag, & blanket bag
pack Will's clothes bag
buy & wrap small surprises for Will to keep him occupied in hospital rooms
pack my hospital bag
pack my apartment bag
pack R's hospital bag
pack R's apartment bag
do laundry - again
try to spend time just playing with Will daily - give him daily attention
spend some family time just the 3(4) of us this weekend before the chaos
get house chores covered (mail, cat, flowers watered, etc)
make extra house keys & distribute as needed
finish master bathroom remodel (due to major leak - great timing)
clean house
clean out pantry of perishable items
clean out fridge & freezer
pay bills
send dog home with parents to East Texas
pack dog meds
pack Will's favorite toys & costumes
pack medical files, med textbook, research info, etc
get medical release forms notarized for grandparents caring for Will
get hotel room for first night in Dallas
wash & pack bedding & towels for Dallas apartment
pack some decorative things to make apartment feel like home
pack paints to decorate Ellie's casts (buy in dallas???)
make "Will" folders for grandparents - include his routine, rules, consequences, etc
put Will's therapies on hold until return
meet with R to discuss birth plan & important wishes & life intervention procedures to communicate to doctors ie: Ellie's birth
type & print Ellie's birth plan/our wishes & make copies for all doctors on care team
communicate via email our wishes with grandparents/aunt/uncle/close friends
make file of important doctor & therapist names & photographers' numbers for Ellie (in case I am out of it post birth & someone needs to be contacted/consulted)
clean baseboards & wash windows not my brightest of ideas at almost 9 months pregnant - but you can't fight those nesting obsessions urges

What am I forgetting?!?!??!

Does anyone else like to include things on their "to do list" that they've already done purely for the satisfaction of marking thru things & therefore looking more accomplished???

2 thoughts:

Crystal said...

You are all in our daily prays and thoughts! I hope for many moments of joy will come your way during this unsure time. Ellie is going to be just beauitful as her brother! To do list are the best! I do the same thing. I thinking your missing a pedicure before you leave town on your list : ) Again we along with our church are praying for you all and for the doctors to know how to best treat your sweet Ellie Grace.

Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

praying for you! and YES - totally put things on the list already accomplised just for the satisfaction... Scott does not share the same passion for lists! Can't wait to hear of Ellie's arrival!

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