Pirates & Ice Cream

We've been playing a lot together as a family of 3(4) whenever possible. I think it's always in the back of my mind that with Ellie's future so uncertain, I don't know how much playtime I will get with Will in these next several months... or how emotionally capable I will be to play with him... or if we'll ever get to play as a family or if either R or I will always be near Ellie's bedside... or what my energy will be like since I anticipate living in a hospital for so long. I just don't know. So, for now, we are playing as a family whenever we can. We swim lots (Will & I basically swim daily - sometimes twice a day!) Daddy joins us for swimming on the weekends.
We also play family games of pirates. We all hoist ourselves (some of us - namely, me- require a little more effort for hoisting) onto the pirate ship (aka Will's big boy bed), grab our swords, and have ourselves a little sword fight.

Will recently informed us that "Ellie is our captain, I'm the co-captain, Mommy is the first mate, & Daddy is the plank."

The kid cracks me up!
And I love how he continues to include Ellie in playtime.
He also thanks God for "my baby Caroline Ellie Ellie Grace and my big boy bed" almost every single time he prays. We've also noticed that because we are often praying for Ellie to "feel better" he likes to include his hurt teeth and hurt foot (both of which are much, much better) - I think he just wants to be included in "needing prayer." Precious.

We've also become regulars at the nearby ice cream store. I love ice cream. Will hates "cold stuff." So, as we pull up to the window, he's been known to say the following, loudly, so that the man can hear,
"I'd like a cone please, sir, with no ice cream because I DON'T LIKE COLD STUFF! Thank you, sir."
(And it's in caps because have I mentioned how much he does not like cold stuff?)
So, we've found it's quite cost effective as they'll put my ice cream in a cup, give Will am empty cone, & charge us for 1!

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