Ellie's Room

I love spending time working on Ellie's room.
I love having a cute, curly headed "helper" - he doesn't exactly speed things up but the kid can hammer a door like no other (with a plastic hammer, of course!)
I think he likes helping create her room too.
Because we didn't know if Will was going to be a boy or a girl, I had originally done this room very gender neutral - green, black, & white.
Therefore, it has been so simple to "pink it up" & quite cost effective.
Will's bedding was custom created at a fabulous local store- all black, white, & greens. So, for Ellie, I just went back and ordered some sheets in pink, pink & green toile, & then a new tabletopper for her nightstand.
I just love it!
Someone sent this precious pink, monogrammed pillow with Psalm 139 & a butterfly on it, too.
I just love it!

Hard to believe this was ever a little boy's room!

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