Comic Relief

Yesterday was a tough, long day. We spent 6 hours with our 6 day old at Scottish Rite Hospital for Children having Ellie evaluated, x-rayed, examined, and began taping, splinting, & therapies. It was a loooong day for all of us. I'll blog it later - just thinking about it again makes me wiped out.
Yet, there were some good laughs to be had (& lots of tears - sleep deprivation plus hormones plus overwhelm of caring for Ells = crazy mommy crying!)

Here's our comic relief of the day yesterday:
With the appointments to begin at 8 am, I woke up my mom after feeding Ellie so that she could get her ready while I got myself ready. R was getting in our shower so I opted to get in my mom's/Will's shower. Will was still sound asleep so I shut the bathroom door and jumped (or rather, gently stepped into since I'm still recovering) into the shower. I closed the shower door. I took my shower quickly. I figured out how to shave my legs while recovering from a c-section (R has been doing it for me.)
And then I prepared to step out of the shower.
But I couldn't.
The door was jammed.
I was trapped.
Post-partum tummy.
In a huge hurry with Ellie's appointment coming quickly.
I held back the panic and assumed surely someone would wonder where I was.
Apparently I was not missed.
After a while, I heard Will waking up and calling for his Lovie.
So, I called for Will. I asked him to go get Daddy to help Mommy.
He said no.
I asked him to go get Lovie.
He said no. He couldn't get out of bed, he informed me. (He (like his mommy) is not a morning person. We tend to be cranky until we've had our cuddle time. Also, our rule is that he doesn't get out of bed without a grownup getting him. The rule has always been very effective at keeping him in bed - until one is stuck in the shower & needs the kid to get themselves out of bed to rescue the one in the shower.)
I tried a new tactic. He loves to play rescuer when we are swimming. I asked him to be my hero and go get someone to rescue me.
He said no.
I begged and pleaded.
He said he couldn't leave his gigi.
I decided to use my firm mommy voice and told him to "obey Mommy and go get Lovie now."
He said no.
I realized I couldn't be very effective on discipline when stuck in the shower.
Finally, my mom wandered into his room as she heard him talking.
I yelled for help and said I was trapped in the shower.
She opened the bathroom door but didn't look in... and she walked away.
I yelled again - she didn't realize I was trapped in the actual shower - not the bathroom.
She tried but couldn't get the door open for me.
I began to panic that a maintance man would be required.
Did I mention I was naked?
R finally had to remove the entire shower door.
Finally, I was free.
No thanks to my two year old. He has been absolutely wonderful with Ellie but we're thinking maybe he is a little annoyed with me. I spent some time taking him on a walk last night without Ells which has helped, I think. Not that I intend to get locked in the shower again to test the theory.
I had about 5 minutes to get ready for the appointment.... which explains my second comic relief of the morning.

Upon arriving at the hospital, we checked in Ellie (which was an experience in itself since everyone knows us since we are frequent visitors with Will there, it was a little confusing for them as to where Will was and why we were there with a new baby.)
We headed to the waiting room for her appointment and I decided I would feed her a tad early so that she would be awake and happy for the exam.
I have loved feeding Ellie - unlike my nursing experience with Will in which I used contraptions, had to pump every time, and then follow with a bottle - using 90 minutes per feeding and leaving me with no free time nor privacy (the contraptions involved meant I was rather exposed)... feeding Ells is a breeze! I am amazed every time I manage to somehow feed her while carrying on a conversation with someone, eat or drink something, talk on the phone etc. No one is screaming or crying. I am relaxed. And, best of all, I can easily do it in public as I can be discreet. In fact, R and I decided yesterday that I should create an app that people enter in their location and I recommend best public nursing and pumping places as I have done it in so many restaurants, hospitals, doctors' offices, parks, cities, airports, airplanes, etc. If I had any idea how to design an app, I could possibly make some serious money. In my spare time.
But I digress.
So, I'm in the waiting room and I prepare to nurse her quickly.
And I realized I had forgotten the essential nursing pads - a must for a new mom.
So, I did what any creative new mom would do and used something else absorbent that every brand new mom carries I found in my diaper bag, borrowed some scissors to cut in in half, and perfecto - I was set and could let the worries about leaking milk all day go.
And we got some much needed comic relief to begin our day with.

5 thoughts:

Becky said...

You made me LOL, Katie!!! So glad you were rescued from the shower:)) (and no repairman had to be involved)! hahaha Laughter is good for the soul, so I am glad you posted this...we can all use a good laugh!!!

ChrisP said...

So sorry but you can not take credit for your 'new' nursing pads-- This old broad invented those about 28 years ago! I actually think the 'sticky' is better.
Lovin and prayin aways -- Christy

The Smiths said...

Funny Katie! :) Can't believe he had to take the shower door off! I'm looking forward to the updates on Ellie. Love you, Christin

JennyCraig said...

I was cracking up...Chris had to know what was so funny...so we both were cracking up! Sorry you were stuck in the shower...but so glad you shared! Looking forward ro that new app! :)

Mike and Christie said...

Oh that was funny! Reminded me of the time our grandson locked our daughter in law outside when she walked out to get the mail. She asked him through the glass door to let her in and he said, "No".

After some antics, she had to call the fire department. LOL

So glad you are getting to nurse little Ellie.

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