Friends for Ellie

She's taking after her big brother!
Little Miss Social has enjoyed lots and lots of visitors in her first 5 days of life
Friends have come from all over TX - west, central, and east, North Carolina, and Colorado
We are so thankful for the many people that have prayed for our Ellie girl. We are humbled by how many have invested in her life.
We are thankful for the friends who are making such an effort to help us celebrate Ellie's birth.
We are thankful for the distraction from some of the gravity of our situation - for the opportunity to just talk about the "normal" baby things that we don't talk about with our doctors- to ooh and aah and cuddle.
We are thankful for the fresh energy to play with Will.
We are thankful for the incredible gift baskets brought for Will full of fun things to occupy him.
We are thankful for friends to cry with - who help share our pain at watching our daughter endure pain.
We love celebrating Ellie with our friends - thank you!
We are blessed.

2 thoughts:

Becky said...

So, so precious!!!

Kori said...

You don't know me, but I found your blog through thepoefam blog. I wanted to reach out to you and offer you my prayers and support for you and your precious family. I recently lost my first born son. After 9 days of bed rest at the hospital, my son was born 1 day shy of 25 weeks. He was 1 pound 8 ounces and lived for 12 days in the NICU. He saw Jesus on May 10th. I don't know the exact pain, worry and stress you must be feeling, but I can somewhat relate. I wanted to share a book that has brought me hope and understanding through my suffering. It's called "Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow," by Nancy Guthrie. It's a wonderful book filled with Truth! I will continue to pray for the health and comfort for your sweet baby and strength and peace for your family. Feel free to read my story at koriandjon.blogspot.com.

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