Ellie Grace - first photos

Eleanor Grace
August 17, 2010
9:19 am
7 lbs
18 1/2 inches
Beautiful girl

Ellie's Birthday:
Some of the waiting room crowd

Last "Ellie in the Belly" photo
I was a nervous wreck in pre-op. We prayed together and I was holding it together...barely... for awhile.
Mommy's girl
My favorite boy ever and favorite girl ever
Will's first time holding Ellie
The night before her birth, he told me the first thing he wanted to do with his new baby sister was to hold her.
How I prayed he would get his wish.

Thank you, Jesus!
Will couldn't be a more precious big brother. He has the most wonderful conversations with "Caroline Ellie Ellie Grace." He introduces himself,
"It's okay, Ellie. I'm your big brother. Its okay. Don't cry (even when she is sleeping happily.)
"I love you so much!"
Tonight, as he left our room, he said to her, "It's getting dark out so you and me, Ellie, have to go night night because we're the kids."
He loves her so much.
He loves to "pet" her soft hair and kiss her.

3 generations of girls
Finally, I get to really look at my girl after she is brought out of the NICU.
(I was rolled into the NICU briefly to see and hold her previously but hadn't really gotten my hands on her good.)
Love that face

Lovie & Ellie
Honey & Ellie
First time meeting his baby sister & kissing her

Will was first to meet Ellie. He then went to the waiting room where he announced, "Hey, everybody! I'm a big brother! I have a baby sister!"
Just before the c-section began, I overheard a doctor confirming the phone number and name of our "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" photographer was was on standby. This incredible organization provides professional photography to families who are given a terminal diagnosis for their baby.
As I overheard the conversation, I completely lost it.
The anesthesiologist didn't hear the conversation and so he assumed I was just nervous about receiving an epidural.
I explained I was terrified of losing my baby.
I have never been more relieved to hear a cry.
I know there are still so many questions. Today we got "good news" and "bad news." We are still searching for a diagnosis.
But, my girl is here and thriving right now.
I am thankful.
I know her life is not promised to me.
I have never been more aware of that than I have been during this pregnancy.
I am thankful.

Precious moment -
the first time I held my Ellie girl

Just after her birth

Daddy's girl
I am so in love

10 thoughts:

Loretta said...

What a gorgeous girl! Our prayers are with all of you.

Jerry and Loretta Lancaster

Edison said...

Just beautiful! Precious family

Sharon C said...

She's just beautiful!!! I am so thankful to Him and all His wonder that delivered to your arms such a miracle. "Good news", "Bad News", it's all in His hands and so very very obvious he's blessed Ellie with the right family to love her, cherish her, nuture her and raise her to believe all things are possible through Him!! Continued prayers for you all!!

Vickie said...

Beautiful Family, Beautiful Baby girl! Congratulations on Miss Ellie Grace! We will continue to pray for Ellie and your recovery!

gtown1 said...

She's beautiful! And so are you mama...with makeup on and everything. Love all the pink.
Thanks so much for posting it does all of our hearts good to see her and ya'll smiling. Praying often and wishing I was closer.
Love ya'll--EJ & the boys!

Michael & Jennifer said...

She is PRECIOUS!!! Can't wait to meet her tomorrow!

Theresa said...

*sniffle* Congratulations! What a beautiful girl! Happy, wonderful, blessed family.

~Stevie~ said...

Well, I just can't stop crying and have somewhere to be in 20 minutes! Note to self: NEVER check this blog before an appointment! Love y'all and so wish I could be in the first group of friends to visit, but I can't. :( Will plan a visit soon! Xoxo

Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

so pretty! and look at all that hair! You look great too! Will is sooooooooooooooooooo proud! Love that grin!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Katie! She's so beautiful! I'm so glad she's finally here and doing well and that you've gotten to spend time with her as a family! I'm continuing to pray.

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