Wed so far

Ellie is a stellar nurser- one nurse calls her a "barracuda!" :) I am so thankful.
She had a good night doing typical newborn things- cuddling, eating, pooping, crying, cuddling. I forgot that hydrocodine makese jittery so I couldn't fall asleep until about 5am... Just in time for vitals and a feeding. :)
trying a new painkiller today!
This morning has been rough. Ellie's doctor today suspects some new issues we were not expecting. I am feeling overwhelmed. Also, her range ofotion is less than expected which makes it painful for her to be changed or dressed. As you know, I have lots of pink packed for Ellie so it makes me sad to not be able to dress her up. Pink blankets will work though and thankfully she has lots. With therapy (starting next week) this pain should lessen.
She had her EKG already today and is getting her echo now. We will meet with cardio later to get those results. No definite plans for MRI - want to watch her for awhile.
Have first orthopedic appt set for Monday.
One of the reasons I dreaded c/section was because I didn't want to be on painkillers and recovering myself when there is nothing typical about this recovery- I'm not taking a newborn home to rest but rather am gearing up for testing, meeting with drs, therapies, etc. It's frustrating to not be 100% able to take care of ells.
Sorry, venting via the blog!
Just a rough morning. Still so thankful she is here and cant wait to hold her soon. And smell her. And giggle at her little squeaks.
Promise will post pics today! (after a nap!)

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jenniestinebaugh said...

Katie, so glad she is nursing and out of the NICU! I had five c-sections, try coughing and walking on the floor as much as possible, especially if you still have your epidural. These two things will strengthen your abdominal muscles and help with the incision pain as well as what you suffer from having those muscles retracted. I was always able to drive by about day 5 (then again, that may just be having the obstetrician for a husband who couldn't be home for ME!). You are fit and tough, you can do it and still be there for Ellie!

Julia said...

Hydrocodine makes me vomit and jittery... Glad the first isn't your side effect!! Continuing to lift you to the throne!

Sarah said...

You and Eliie have been on my mind and heart constantly!!!! So thankful for the updates...she is ABSOLUTELY adorable! Jessica and I both can't wait until we can hold her! Continuing to pray for you, Ellie, and "the guys"!
All our love,

We are the Guerra's! said...

Bless your heart! And those of your family too. I pray that everything will turn out for the best during this difficult time. You are doing a great job and that is wonderful news about Ellie! Take care and feel better soon!

Joe, Katie and Taylor said...

Katie! I am so glad that you have a great eater on your hands!! We are praying for you all and can't wait to hear all the updates (even from 4 states away!).

Katie, Joe, Tylor and #2

Ashley McCain said...

katie and family,
i have not commented yet but want you to know that i have followed this journey with you since you began blogging about sweet ellie grace(tears rolling down my face the entire way)!!! my husband, james and i live down the street from your sweet parents and go to marvin. just wanted you to know you have 1 more family praying for you and your sweet husband and corageous will!! love seeing your pictures and hearing your stories. you are such an inspiration. enjoy this exciting time. lots of love,
ashley and james mccain

Lisa said...

Welcome to the world Ellie! You, your mommy, daddy and big brother are in our prayers everyday.
Much love!
lisa webb

kelly said...

hey katie - thinking of you, sweet friend. i know - csection recovery is no fun & you just whine all you want to, mama!! it's frustrating that you can't be 100% & especially when you're needing/wanting to be with miss e. take care of yourself, sweet katie!
love to dallas & especially the amazing miss e!!

kelly harp

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