Welcome to Will's Room

Every night, Will thanks God for several things but he always mentions his "baby sister" & his "new big boy room and big boy shelves."
I realized recently that I have posted pictures of Ellie's room but have neglected to share Will's new room! He loved his new room so much that the transition was easier than I ever imagined! The nursery, which was his room for 2.5 years, immediately became "Ellie's room with Ellie's bed." No Mr. Sentimental at all.

A neighbor built these built-in bookshelves for me in the corner to kind of act like a bedframe and give me the storage we need. I love them! I have plenty of room to display Will's silver cups, spoons, piggy bank, crosses, and other little baby keepsakes along with storage for his books and fun pictures and decorative items.
For the windows, I sewed (let's use that term loosely) mini baseball pennants I ordered off of ebay onto red ribbon & hung them on a rod as a fun valance.
I found this great art print at a local boutique & couldn't resist it for Will's room.
The dresser came from my parents' lake house & my mom & Will painted it red. We added fun baseball drawer pulls to it. You can't really see the top of it but I love the sports lamp and the vintage baseball player figurines - all from the 1980's - when Will's mom & Dad grew up going to baseball games & collecting cards. Well, I went to Rangers games but never owned a card. My brother & R, however, both collected baseball cards. Will also has a collection going & can name the teams for many of them!
The figurines were another great ebay find! Will loves playing with them too.
The fun glove chair came from his Honey last year. Lately, I've been using it a lot for back support while playing on the floor with Will!
I found a fun red locker at Company Kids store, on sale, which is his nightstand. He also likes opening it up to keep important items.
the toy closet...
currently somewhat of a wreck but I love that Will can put his toys up (usually) and turn on the light all by himself!
I found lots of fun vintage baseball pennants on ebay & also framed Will's signed marathon posters from our Dallas White Rock Marathon team - "Where There's a Will, There's a Way!"
And at his eye level, I framed some pictures of he and his friends and family at baseball games.

I love this Norman Rockwall print I found (another ebay find) along with the fun wooden baseball and bat. I edited and blew up some of my favorite pictures of Will in various "sports" poses - swimming underwater, pitching, batting, running his first race, and of course, our family on the field during the Red Sox batting practice at Fenway Park last April!
He loves his hat rack - inherited from his Uncle Adam. The kid loves his hats and I love that since it is at his eye level, he can hang them up himself!
I have loved creating Will's big boy room. It seems to really capture his personality & hopefully will grow with him. He loves to play in his "new big boy room" and can keep himself entertained for quite a while in there! He never really played by himself in his nursery (perhaps due to a lack of toys!) and I love that he now has his own space to really make a mess and get creative! One of my favorite things while making dinner is to listen to him on the monitor as he plays. The scenes he creates with his imagination just amaze me!
He also sings a lot - which brings me great joy!
And, that's it for the big boy room... for today.
I'm always rearranging things and still have some fun airplanes an Etsy artist sent for Will to hang up so I will post more pictures soon.

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Miles said...


This is probably the most random blog post ever...I was looking on one of my "discount kid stuff" websites this morning and it was for this site:


They have these maps you can personalize for kids. I don't know why, but Will came to mind (with all of his pirate talk, I thought a map would be cool). These look like treasure maps. I went through the site to make one for my son, Miles, and you can add 25 names or so to the map and it will say things like "Granny's Cove"

Anyway, I have no idea why, but I felt like I should pass it on to you!


gtown1 said...

So cute Katie! I love all of your creativity. I know Will and you and Daddy love it equally-it came together great. Yay for our big boys and their sports :)

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