It's that time again! The Dallas White Rock Marathon is rapidly approaching us! It's time to dust off your running shoes, grab your Will shirt (or order a new one) & get ready to Run the Rock & Rock the Cause!

The marathon will be held on Sunday, December 5, 2010, in Dallas, Texas. You can register online at www.runtherock.com

Space is limited and the marathon, half marathon, & relay are quickly filling up so if you think you might be interested in participating this year, go online and register soon. Note new course information and a new start and finish line for this year too.

We are once again seeking to raise awareness about limb differences and the amazing role Texas Scottish Rite Hospital plays in our family in treating Will. Will receives medical treatment and prosthetics at no charge at Scottish Rite. They offer free orthopedic care to all Texas children! Recently, US News & World Report ranked Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children as the #2 children's orthopedic hospital in the nation! The #1 hospital is Children's Hospital of Boston - where Will is also a patient but his medical care is not free.

Along with treating orthopedic conditions, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children offers outstanding care for children with learning differences such as dyslexia. Besides receiving medical care there, Will also has numerous opportunities to attend camp for kids with limb differences (Camp Out on a Limb,) and other activities hosted by the hospital. They provide him therapies when we are there along an with incredible support system for R & I.

We will soon be delivering a baby girl (Ellie Grace) who, for completely different issues, will also receive treatment at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children shortly after her birth (scheduled for August 17.) Needless to say, our family is forever grateful for the outstanding medical care our children receive from Scottish Rite. Because we are anticipating Ellie being at Scottish Rite for a few months following her birth, I am attempting to keep the race a little more simple this year. Once Ellie is stable, I will post information on our website (www.wheretheresawillrace.blogspot.com) as to the race pre-party and t-shirt information. Thank you for your patience as we may be a little behind in distributing race information this year. :) I hope to have all the details worked out by mid September.

We will be offering t-shirts again but they will not be up for sale until October. Keep checking www.wheretheresawillrace.blogspot.com for the latest information.
Remember, you can participate on the Where There's a WILL, There's a Way team in several different ways. You can run or walk at the race (marathon, half-marthon, or 5 person relays are available.) You can cheer for team members as a spectator. You can also visit our fundraising site to donate money online. A portion of the race entry fee goes to Scottish Rite but if you would like to give additionally (or are not running and want to give) you may do so at http://www.active.com/donate/tsrh10/wheretheresawill. Or, you can wear your shirt at home as a part of our "home team." By wearing your shirt wherever you are, you are helping to raise awareness about Scottish Rite. We encourage you to tell Will's victory story wherever you are! In fact, if you know of someone who might be interested in running the Rock and would wear a Will shirt to do so, please pass this information on to them!

Thank you for your continued support of our family! With your help, we have raised over $100,000 in the past three years for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children! Our team has over 300 people on it from all over the USA & Canada. We are so grateful for your help as we Run the Rock & Rock the Cause! We so hope to see you again at the Rock on December 5 (& introduce you to the newest member of our family!)

Our Team Site: www.wheretheresawillrace.blogspot.com (race weekend details, how to give, team stats, etc.)

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Christy said...

Katie -
I am planning on running the half with some girls and would love to wear wills shirt and support you guys that way. What a wonderful idea and way to spread awareness about Scottish Rite. I remember seeing you at the race last year and had no idea what all the race meant to you guys. I have new reading your blog and praying for you guys and will be so next week when you get to meet your precious daughter! Thanks for keeping us updated with everything that is going on b/c even though you probably have no idea who all reads your blog we are checking and praying for you guys and gla to know what is going on!

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