Sweet Cuddles...

Today, I went in to wake Will up from his nap, and as usual, I couldn't resist crawling in his bunk bed to cuddle for awhile. He was out! I snuggled up close to him & just inhaled his yummy vinegar nap breath. Oh, I love his warm, sleepy breath.
I love how he still fits to cuddle with me - even with my 37 week pregnant belly.
As he slept, he gently threw one arm over my neck and I began to sob.
I cuddled & sobbed as I realized how much our life is about to change. My only child, whom I have been able to cuddle every day of his life and I'm about to rock his world. With all that is in store for Ellie, how will I find time to cuddle each of them?
I cried and cried and cried. The ugly cry. And I snuggled and inhaled and rubbed his warm back and enjoyed my time with him.
And then he sleepily opened his eyes.
And he said, "Mommy, do you have diarrhea?"
No, Will. But thank you for asking and why in the world is that what was on your brain?

Needless to say, my tears quickly turned to laughter!

3 thoughts:

Julia said...

I know how you feel. Though my 'baby' is not in my belly but on the other side of the world - every once in a while I stop and consider what is going to happen to our family in a matter of weeks. It shocks me if I think about it too long. We just have to breathe - trust - pray a lot and rejoice that God has given these kids - at this time to us! I am so praying for you!!

Laura said...

This post made me cry (until the end, then I was cracking up :-) I can totally identify with how you're feeling even though I'm not due for a few more months. Sometimes I look at Caroline and feel so bad for how her life is about to change. I've heard lots of people say this is such a normal feeling. Yes, Will's world is about to be rocked in a big way but it's a wonderful way. And no matter what happens, Ellie is a gift for Will that you are giving him. He is going to love being a big brother and will love Ellie. We can't wait to meet that sweet girl soon. Call me if you need anything today or this weekend!!! Love u!

Poefam said...

I felt your same feelings just 1 month ago!!! I would cry and cry! But, trust me when I say that God performs a miracle in allowing your heart to double!!! I don't feel like I'm sharing my love... I just, all of a sudden, have more to give!!! Can't wait for you to experience what I'm talking about!!! :)

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