Ellie in the Belly- 37.5 weeks

We just finished ultrasound number 5742. Sweet Ellie did awesome on her bpp today! Her breathing was "stone cold normal!!!" Our specialist here in Dallas was very concerned based on what happened on Tuesday so we were all very relieved to watch her breathe so beautifully today!
Not to be without some drama, however, Ellie shocked us all by flipping into breech position sometime between Tuesday afternoon (my previous ultrasound when she was nice and head down) & completely breech today!
The doctors conferred and they are unwilling to do a version to turn her- due to her rigidity it could seriously injure me and it has great risks for Ells.
I am terrified of c section. All I know is the "other method" & while I remember the great depth of pain (whoever said you forget the pain of childbirth is a liar!!!), I only labored for 6.5 hours, pushed for 20 minutes, & had a quick recovery. I am so afraid of being confined to bed and unable to hold or get to my baby girl in the nicu.
I also know that we have struggled back and forth with doctors and research as we have attempted to figure out which delivery method would have the least risks for Ellie. Everyone (our doctors and us but not all the research) agreed (until today) that natural was best. I've been so fearful of c section and not being able to hold her right away but maybe this is God's way of giving us no choice if it is best for Ells.
We will check her again Monday and will plan on delivering her (now by c-section) on Tuesday.
She was about 8 lbs today ( which shocked dr that an 8lb baby could flip this late in game & that I didn't know it!!!)

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Julia said...

Maybe the little bugger will flip back over!! Praying for you.... Praying for Ellie...

JJC said...

i've been reading your blog all along the way. thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. i'm here to say that i'm a c-section survivor! i prayed that our delivery method would be clear so that i wouldn't doubt myself of my decisions. and, it was. if she does stay in this position til tuesday, i pray for you and r that you have a peace that she is in that position for a reason and that the lord will protect her delivery.

i don't have another delivery to compare to, but i didn't think the c/s recovery was so bad. my advice would be to stay up on your pain meds. once i got behind on a dose, i tried not to do that again!

will be praying for you this weekend and will be looking forward to the delivery on tuesday!


Mrs. Jenk said...

I'm praying God will ease your fears of a c-section and provide you great peace between now and Tuesday and clarity of mind when Tuesday arrives.

Lisa said...

Caught up on your blog...YOU HAVE BEEN BUSY!!!
Praying for little one to turn between now and Monday, you NEVER know!
Praying for you, Dr. G (you are in such good hands, Katie) and the team as your prepare for Ellie's birth.
Much love,
lisa webb

kelly w said...

like someone said before, i have read for a LONG time but i don't think i have ever commented...i am a friend of ejw's and worried over you guys during the time that your blog was private!!!

i have had 2 "v" deliveries and 2 c-sections, and i think the c-section recoveries were easier! i was up walking around and in less pain a few hours after the surgery!

i know you have TONS of support and close friends who can also offer you support and advice, but you are seriously welcome to contact me if you would like to hash out the 2 delivery types and recoveries. i too was very upset/concerned when i was told i needed a section for my 3rd, but i had a good friend "talk me off the ledge" about holding onto my ideas of an ideal delivery! and giving me some stellar advice on how to approach the section and post op recovery!

kelly said...

hey katie - i so hope miss ellie will flip for you as it seems that would ease some of your worries. but i have to say that i've had 2 csections & they really aren't so bad. my son was actually the easier recovery & funny enough, i think part of that was me getting up & going back & forth to visit him in the nicu!
i'm thinking of you often & praying for you & miss e :)

kelly garrett harp

Julia said...

http://www.explosm.net/comics/2139/ - just some comic relief before the big day!! praying for all of you!

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