Bath time!

Recently, Ellie had her first bath in a tub. It was glorious!
At one point, I had grieved that with the serial casting she would require, we would only be able to bathe her once a week.
I love bathing my babies.
And they love the water (see below post!)
When we chose the French Method of therapy for her feet, it meant that we could bathe her three times a week - on nights when we remove her tape or casts.
I am so thankful to be able to bathe her.
She hates having the tape and casts removed. It pulls her skin & she screams in pain.
I feel like I am torturing her.
Her feet and legs are usually all red and purple when I take them off and they stink. I hate to admit that my four week old infant stinks but it's the truth. Her legs and feet stink when I take that tight tape off.
And her skin is irritated at the very top of her legs where the underwrap doesn't cover.
And she has a blister on one of her bones on her left foot.
Finally, her cord fell off.
We put her in the bathtub as soon as we could take off the casts three days later.
And life was good.
Her legs returned to a normal color.
I scrubbed off the residue.
They didn't stink anymore.
She cooed and relaxed in the tub and enjoyed some scrubbing and kisses from her big brother.

And I am so thankful to be able to bathe her more often than I dreamed.
Did I mention how lovely she smells after her bath?
And we all relax a bit.
Until I have to put her splints back on after her bath.
But that's okay.
I'm just so glad to be able to rub her skin for awhile, to feel her feet in my hands without tape on them, to wash my baby and take care of her.

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Jo Anna said...

Oh, those are such precious photos! I especially love how Will is resting his head on his hand and his arm on his knee like he's contemplating the mysteries of life in that last picture. Such great family photos!

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