Time for Fun

In between therapy appointments, pediatrician appointments, feedings, and naps, we've tried to explore our home away from home. My mom has really made an effort to try to do something fun with Will once a week. She took him to the zoo one week which was very exciting - he got to ride a camel and a monorail (& I got to stay home & rest.) Last week, after therapy on Friday, Ellie & I met up with my mom & Will at a park near the condo for a picnic lunch. It was a beautiful day and so nice to get outside & get some fresh air!

Thursday last week was our "off" day - the only day all week that Ellie did not have an appointment. So we celebrated by taking the kids to the Natural Science Museum. It was awesome! Will had a blast exploring the exhibits and the children's museum. I added to the list of random places I have nursed a baby.
We also went to the IMAX to see a show on Alaska. It was great. Will cheered for the bears as they caught their salmon. Salmon is one of his favorite meals. I was grossed out watching the guts be torn out of the fish and so thankful we had eaten it the previous night as opposed to being on our menu for that night!
In front of us, there was a another family with a newborn - one day younger than Ellie. Both babies slept right through the show on their mamas.
Will & I had a cow milking race. It felt a little too similar to what I spend the majority of my day doing. :)
(Will pretended today while I was nursing Ellie that I was a cow and he was a cowboy who had to lasso me. Lovely. Just lovely.)

He took his Lovie & baby sister on a ride on the firetruck
By the time we left the museum, everyone was wiped out!

One day, Lovie built a tent over Ellie's playmat & Will joined her for wake time. He introduced some of his toys to her. So cute.

R doing Ellie's therapy exercises one night.
Reading to my kiddos in bed - one of my favorite times of day.
Inspired by Jack Black in Kung Fu Panda, R decided to teach Will some ninja moves this weekend.
Enjoy the video - our favorite is "kicking donkey."

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Lindsy said...

Have you been to the Aquarium? It's pretty fun!

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