New Years 2010

 New Year's Eve snuggles with G-Dad & Honey
First non -family babysitter for Ellie
& R & I went on a much needed date!
Julie, a precious, precious babysitter is home from college (YAHOOOO!!!) & I intend to hire her as much as possible this month!  She was Will's first non-fam babysitter too & helped out lots this summer while I was pregnant and needed help while running to doctors or running errands preparing for Ellie's birth.  We just adore Miss Julie.
(And thankfully, she forgave me after I totally shortchanged her - paid her as if I had one kid... & about 5 minutes after she left, I remembered I have 2 kids I have to pay for now!!!  I quickly called her & apologized & paid her the remaining due the next day.  Hopefully, she'll still sit for us.)

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