Thanks, Amanda, for including me on your list today.  I am humbled as I read the other names on that last - I definitely don't belong there!  
I will say, that my children do inspire me - daily.  On my most exhausting days, when I am weary of coordinating doctors and traveling to doctors and flying for medical visits and filing insurance paperwork, when I am experiencing dizziness and numbing sensations from such high levels of stress, when I go to bed realizing that I didn't get the right number of therapies in for the day, when my brain is out of creative ways of modifying something, when I am fearful of surgeries, when I am answering nosy or curious questions from strangers about my precious children, on those days, 
I just have to take one look at one of them and I remember - it is so worth it.  They are so more than worth it.  Their Creator made them wonderfully.  He knit them together and He understands all their needs.  He chose them for our family - we are so blessed.  
They bring me indescribable joy.  
They inspire me.  They change me daily.  They point me towards a God so Big and Powerful and full of Grace and compassion and Who is doing great and mighty things I do not even begin to fathom.  (Jer 33)
I don't belong on any lists.  I'm just the blessed mom who has the privilege of a front row seat (or more often - a front row something else because who has time to sit?) as I watch God unfold TWO miracles before my eyes.
But, thanks, Amanda.  I am humbled.  (And shocked - because, oh my, what a list!)
Hope to meet you in real life in 2011!  

3 thoughts:

Amanda said...

I hope to meet you too! I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas.

kelly said...

congrats, katie :)

Linda said...

You inspire lots of people....who do not "know" you. Hope you do get to meet Amanda some day, too.

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