Doctor Day Update

The morning of our cardiologist appointment, I had a rare moment of brilliance.  Actually, let's be honest.  I don't have moments of brilliance!  The Lord prompted my memory and reminded me that our cardiologist actually comes to a hospital in East Texas (where we are for Christmas) a few times a month to see patients.  I called and found out she had an opening!  So, Ellie & I actually didn't have to deal with Dallas holiday nighttime traffic and drive 3 hours!  We just drove about 80 minutes.  I was so thankful!
Her heart is functioning great.  The doctor did see some possible things that are a little different but she was vague and so I have no idea what to research on that. :)  Overall, she said things looked good and she didn't see those little masses/bright spots and she cleared Ellie for surgery.
Her nurse called this morning and said they would like to do another EKG on Ellie next week in Dallas.  Hopefully those results will be normal.
She does feel that it is vital that Ellie see both a pediatric pulmonologist and a pediatric hematologist before her surgery.  She has her preferences on who we see so she is arranging that for me, thankfully.  (I had hit a brick wall getting into pulmonary doctors previously.)  I am a bit nervous about the hematology appointment and the things we are looking into in that realm.

I am becoming so weary of medical coordinating.  Keeping everyone's files, insurance reports, doctors, facts, terms, etc straight is exhausting.  No wonder I can't remember birthdays - I have too much medical stuff in this tired old brain!
Thanks for praying for our Ellie girl!

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Mike and Christie said...

Such Wonderful news! We were at SR today for casting. Erika is getting new legs.

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