Willisms - the Christmas edition

Some of the funny Willisms from Christmas 2010:

  • in response to Uncle Greg saying, "Ho Ho Ho," Will replied, "a pirate's life for me!"
  • "I miss one.  You know, before I was two or three.  I missed one!"  (He doesn't remember turning one & is convinced we skipped it!)
  • me upon waking him up Thursday morning, "Will, guess what's in 2 days???"   Will with eyes wide open and a big smile spreading from ear to ear, "Saturday?!?!"  me:  "Yes, Saturday, and also CHRISTMAS!"
  • and my personal favorite...  My mom has saved many of our Christmas books from growing up & even some of hers from her own childhood.  Will has loved reading these stories this week.  One of his favorites is, "Babies in Toilets."  (More commonly titled "Babes in Toyland.")  Cracks me up everytime!

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