Christmas Eve 2010

Twas the Day Before Christmas...
and all through the house... 
we were busy!

Rolling out the cookie dough
and when mommy turned her back, someone decided to eat the shapes he was cutting out!

Ellie had some playtime with Uncle Adam & Megan
(the pair of legs in the pic cracked me up)
Ellie's new friend, Hutch, came over to visit.  Ellie wasn't being a very good hostess.  
(She was tired from therapy and taping.)
Isn't he cute!?!?  His mommy & I grew up together.  
She is one, isn't she?
Will counting his decorated cookies
We went to a candlelight service at church and enjoyed communion and worship

There were cuddles on the couch and posing for pictures

and, finally, he got to open a present!
"WOW!"  He was so excited to get cowboys & Indians figures from the 1950's - mommy found on ebay after seeing how much he enjoyed playing with his Honey's from her childhood at Great-Granny's
GAC & GUS (Great Aunt Carolea & Great Uncle Steve) with Ellie & Will
Ellie's cute little Christmas tree baby bottom

Grammy listening to music
Cassidy & Will

1 thoughts:

Mike and Christie said...

Beautiful pictures! Ok, you know you are the mom of a child who wears prosthesis, when you DON"T NOTICE the extra limbs in a picture until they are pointed out! LOL

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