Christmas Day 2010

Ellie's first Christmas!

My little loves

My favorite part of Christmas this year  was first thing in the morning.  Thankfully, by the grace of God, my children are both great sleepers.  Will, was a bit excited and woke up early Christmas morning - at 7:30am.  (Yes, that's early for us - most mornings he sleeps til 8:30 or 9!)  He was sleeping in our room so he climbed into our bed to cuddle while I fed Ellie in bed and R read the Christmas story from Luke out loud.  It was a really sweet 45 minutes just cuddling in bed with my family.
I am so thankful.

We opened stockings first.  Everyone got toothbrushes or related items.
Will got watermelon since he once mentioned that it was his favorite fruit & he just knew Santa would bring it for him.
He also got a harmonica

Glo baby is a great distraction for someone in her taping & therapy sessions!

Will was so excited to get the skateboard he has been wanting!  (Actually, he got 2 since we weren't sure which would be the best for him to ride.)
Loving on his daddy...

So far, he rides in a surfer style!
Loving on his Great-Mimi
My mom took this picture - evidence of me actually relaxing.  I gave myself permission to sit... and not do.  It was glorious.
I also gave myself permission to skip all therapies for an entire day.  Oh my.  I truly relaxed and I loved every minute of it.
Playing a family game of LCR
Ellie got her first dolls.
Ellie on his first Christmas - 2010...
& me on my first Christmas in 1980.
(My mom saved my pajamas from that year for Ellie to wear this year!)  LOVE it!

Ellie cuddling with her daddy
and her Great Grammy
playing Robin Hood with his bow & arrow 
(I'm Maid Marian)
reading stories
performing on his new harmonica while Uncle Adam played on the guitar.  I'm pretty sure Uncle Adam's band in CO doesn't regualarly get requests for "Away in a Manger," "Jesus Loves Me," & "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

We spent Christmas night with the Rogers- its our annual tradition
Will read a book with Will
the girls (minus Sarah)
all dressed up
the kids
wish I could find a picture from when this tradition began - 20something years ago!
We drew numbers for dinner table assignments.  I got to sit at the adult table & loved every minute of it!  (although I couldn't really keep up with the conversation - these guys are too smart for me & oddly enough, weren't discussing sleep schedules or diaper brands or pumping! :))
playing LCR after dinner

these are out of order but I'm too tired to move them...
Christmas morning again
being  a pirate like his new pirate Mr. Potato Head
showing off his new watch
hanging out with Great-Gaggy
my girl
back to Christmas night...
R ended up drawing the same number as Will & his mother in law!
He had fun at his dinner table too - although I think their conversations were rather different from ours!
And that is it for our Christmas 2010!

I'm off to bed... we are off to Dallas for more appointments
therapy & splinting followed by an EKG

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Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

love the gown! I think I had a toddler version of it but doubt my mom saved it. :) Glad you had a relaxing day!

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