Know what I love?

Checking doctors OFF our loooooong list of specialists!
I've checked off 2 this week!
We flew to Dallas early yesterday morning (woke kids up & left the house when it was still dark - we are so not morning people!  Yay for good fliers so this tired mommy could close her eyes on the plane!)
Ellie's therapy/taping/splinting appointment went well.

Her pulmonology appointment also went well but had a hiccup.  The PA who examined her first suggested she believed we would need to stay overnight in the hospital for a sleep study & EEG.  She was being very cautious because Ellie has surgery coming up in a few weeks.  Thankfully, she got a second opinion & Dr. G. cleared her for surgery & said we didn't need to do the overnight study.  I was so thankful!!!  I didn't really want to spend another night in a hospital with Ellie this week & YAY because he said unless something changes, he doesn't need to see her again!  Thank you, God!!!  I cheered!  Then he said that he would like pictures sent to him though because she is so pretty.  His staff also ohhhhed and ahhhed.  I loved them.  :)
Ellie enjoyed the adoration too!

Today, we saw her ENT who also cleared her for surgery & doesn't need to see her again!


Checking doctors OFF my list makes me so happy.  I happen to love crossing things off lists.

One more specialist to go to get clearance for surgery...

2 thoughts:

Mama Bear said...

Yeah! Glad you had such a positive day!

gtown1 said...

Congratulations friends...what wonderfufl news :)
So happy for you.
Love you dearly...ejw

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