First Photoshoot

Back in October, Ellie had her first photoshoot.  Sam Smead took the most beautiful pictures and captured her newborn deliciousness just perfectly!


Thank you, Sam, for capturing such beautiful moments with your photos.  

Several months ago, just before Ellie's first surgery, I panicked as I realized I wanted to capture her newborn look in photographs (professionally... I have plenty of unprofessional ones!)  before she was stuck in casts for several weeks post surgery & then not so much a newborn after their removal.

I called Sam, who had photographed our wedding so perfectly.  We adore Sam & Jill and his work is just breathtaking.  He is a quiet, creative artist & so much fun to work with.  We spent a Saturday morning in his studio and WOW!!!
Thank you, Sam, for creating such beautiful works of art and for capturing my sweet babes at such precious ages.

7 thoughts:

Crystal said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the first photo so much also! Can I get a copy and hang it in my house! You guys make beautiful babies!

Amanda said...

These are amazing! What a beautiful family.

Rachel said...

These are beautiful!!!

Reagan and Camp said...

Wow the photos of your children are breathtaking! Your children are just beautiful!

Building Blocks said...

Angels on film! Jim did an awesome job, but the credit goes to the beautiful and playful faces that emcompass your photos. You have two extraordinary children!

gtown1 said...

I love the tree one! Never in a million years do I think Walker could pull that off (ha) he'd be hanging upside down and all around.
You got some AMAZING pictures.
How will you ever choose??????
LOVE Ellie's headband (precious)
Ya'll are just beautiful--thanks for sharing with us.

PS- My former BU cheerleader, Bailey, is due on Witt's birthday--Valentine's Day...and she is naming her daughter Ellie Grace.
Too fun!

Janai Rogers said...

I love the picture of Ellie just before her announcement. Makes me want to kiss those sweet cheeks!

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