We are off to Dallas again today. Both kids have hematology appointments. That means lots of blood work. That means I will have to restrain my children for labs. I have rules for blood draws by the way: no more than 3 attempts by anyone before I demand a break and a new nurse. I insist on time to hydrate kids and warm towels to raise veins, etc.
I am armed with candy. I will demand feed Ellie if that can bring her comfort. And it's during nap time- both of my kids need naps daily. It was the only time slot they had.
I asked if they could sedate Will.
They said no.
I asked for silly juice. (verset)
they said maybe. I may ask for drugs for me. Holding my babies down for 14 vials of blood is torture on all of us.
Please pray that is is miracuously easy and for good results and easy management plans.

2 thoughts:

Amanda said...

Praying right now!

Kate Kent said...

I hate hemotology appointments - I don't go in when they draw blood and it always takes them several tries. I like your logic. I need to be more assertive. At Cooks the Hemotology shares and office with the Oncology and I totally understand your thought about feeling blessed that at least you are not dealing with cancer. I always give the cute little girls with the huge bows on thier head (with no hair of course) the biggest smile and always try to have a conversation with them. My prayers go out to their mothers. Good luck with the results today. I will call you again soon.

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