I am not cut out for this blogging/design stuff... it's so far over my head!  I need help!  & sleep!
I keep trying to redo my blog header - it's been on my "to do list before Ellie has major surgery & spends 12 weeks in a body cast & I must do cast care regimen around the clock and will I ever come up for air or find time for friends or family or diet coke again" list...
10 days before that event...
so -
here I am at almost midnight - I flew home alone with 2 kids today, walked in my house to discover our water was off (we are doing a bathroom remodel thanks to a major leak which I totally forgot had started in my absence.)  And my husband is out of town.  I haven't seen him in over a week.  And our pantry & fridge were empty except for milk so I ordered Will & I pizza & promised him his first ever trip for donuts in the morning (ugh - not my fav but seemed easy enough & seriously - nothing in the house to eat... and also, he's kind of excited because he has only had one donut in his little life that someone gave to him once when I was exercising (seems kind of ironic, doesn't it?)
No water.  Ugh.  Filled up some pitchers from a neighbor so we could wash our hands from flying.
It came back on around 6pm.
And after getting kids down & downing my surprise hot apple cider delivery from Megan (Thanks!!!), I showered & have been repeatedly trying to create a new header that includes a picture of my 5 month old out of the womb (previous one had an ultrasound shot - figured it was time her face was actually on the header!  Plus, Sam sent me some images he took with his permission to use them on the blog & how could I resist putting my favorite one in the header?)
I digress.
I know it is not much - html code, etc is way over my head.
Have I mentioned I am exhausted?
I have got to get to bed so am quitting tonight.
But am so frustrated that the images are blurry/grainy!  Help!  Anyone know how to remedy this?!?!

6 thoughts:

gtown1 said...

If you can wait through the weekend...Forrest and I can come up with a high resolution header for you.
Just email me the pics and what you want it to look like and say (verse, or blog title etc) and he can doctor it up in his adobe photoshop like when he did the media guides for sports teams, etc.
Just one choice if you are desparate :)
we'd love to do this for you--let me know. love, ejw
PS- we have donut fridays often :) It's fun and they love it! so does mommy-- :) most of the time unless one said child spills a large coffee over the table, floor, etc. :) But you don't drink coffee so you should be fine! ha!

Mrs. Jenk said...

Hi Katie-

I can certainly try to help you. I work on my 2 blogs and jazz them up regularly. I can look at it tonight.

Email me at annajenk@yahoo.com. I'll need your log in information and can take a look.

Katie - a Blessed Mommy! said...

Well I did it in Photoshop. I thought I had it in high res but when I put it on blog first time it was super grainy... So I keep changing the pixels per inch (that's res right???) less grainy now than originally but still...

jillannfritts said...

It's a Blogger issue. I'm having the same problem...as are a lot of other folks.


Poefam said...

I am no help with the header...BUT, I saw this book and thought your babes needed it! :) So cute! ... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1582462909?ie=UTF8&tag=notifoflca-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=1582462909

Mrs. Jenk said...

Katie- you want the width to be about 1000 pixels. That is the standard blog width. You likely have it smaller than that and it is stretched.

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