Ellie at 5 months old

This week, Ellie turned 5 months old!  
It's going so quickly.  As thankful & amazed as I am that she is 5 months- I truly didn't know if she would survive this long - I never planned for 5 months - I never bought clothes for a 5 month old girl - as thankful and amazed as I am, I also feel like it is going way too fast!

At 5 months old, 
she weighs 13 pounds
smiles often
loves to watch people
is reserved with her noises in crowds but when alone or with just a few people - she is a squealer and talker!
(Coming soon - a video I took of her in her crib - squealing at the top of her lungs - which she does nightly & keeps her brother awake.)
laughs with full belly laughs - especially at her big brother
loves to cuddle and burrow
takes 3 naps a day
sleeps most nights all night long
has flown 5 times
eats every 4 hours (3.5 in evening) and sometimes in as fast as 7 minutes
loves her morning feeds in mommy's bed and sometimes eats for 45 minutes then
has held a toy three times!!!
rubs her mommy while eating with her right hand... I love this sweet show of affection and know it takes her great effort
can deliberately roll back to tummy (started this at a few days old) & tummy to back
likes to somehow scoot off her playmat
is more tolerant of tummy time but hasn't mastered holding anything while on her tummy
loves bathing with her mommy
is growing more hair and it's lighter in color
thinks bouncing is funny
has sat up for approximately 8 seconds independently!!! (Huge accomplishment for someone with low muscle tone!)
Loves to sit with support
almost has that first tooth (I can see it!)
is so cute I could eat her up
blesses us daily

2 thoughts:

NJP said...

Katie- Ellie is such a beautiful baby! I am so glad to see how she continues to grow and develop! What a precious blessing and encouragement!

Scott & Shelby Peschel said...

She is sooooooooo pretty and sooo girlie looking! Can't believe it's already been 5 months!

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