Weekend Inbetween

Someone adores her daddy... I think he adores her too:)

In between doctor's appointments recently, it made more sense to go to see family in East Texas than it did to return home for  a few days & then fly back and forth again...
so we headed to my parents' for a long weekend.

My cousin, Rachel, from KY, flew in with her baby boy, Mason, just 3 weeks younger than Ellie girl.
Will gave Mason some kisses
Ellie wasn't so sure about him at first
cute cousins
first cousins & second cousins (or first, once removed??)
Will got to help feed Mason which is fun for him since Ellie no longer will take a bottle
Cookie cuddling with his favorites
Saturday morning was cold and rainy (my favorite kind of day) so I took Will on a mommy date to the Discovery Museum.  He LOVES it there!  I know our quality time together will be limited soon with Ellie's surgery in a week and the cast care regimen we will be on for 3 months so I wanted to get in some quality time with him while I could.
My dad decided to go to so I had a Mommy Date with my boy and a Daddy Date with my Daddy.  
I feel like this picture is foreshadowing a future on stage
(He's playing pirates and calling out to his mates)

My dad took this picture and doesn't know how to work my camera.  Which is why it makes no sense as to what Will & I are posing as - 

Dress up - one of his favorite activities

Cookie babysat one evening and I came home to this sweet moment
Bubble baths are the best!

more playtime with (beside) Mason

cuddling on Lovie
Sometimes after nursing, Ellie gives me the most wonderful smiles and sweet expressions.  The other day, I quickly grabbed my camera to try to capture these precious moments.

Great-Grammy with her three great grandbabies

Will picking the nose of a dinosaur

Great Grammy, Mason, Ellie, Will, & Great, Great Uncle Jimmy

3 thoughts:

Hevel said...

The cousins are so cute together! Your babies are second cousins to each other, but your Mason is a first cousin once removed for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy I haven't commented in awhile but those are such cute pictures, I just had to!. the kids looks great, even though I know they are up against some hard time these next few months. Sending my good thoughts, prayers your way as always.

your Pittsburgh PA friends!!

Miles said...

Awe we were at the discovery science place on mlk Monday. Next time you guys head that way, we'd love to meet you there!

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