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Recently, after putting Ellie down for a nap, I walked into our living room to see this...

Will had set up his Indians in a long line (right).  The cowboys are the ones on the left laying down.  Apparently there was a big battle.  The cowboys lost.  And the guy Will is holding (chief) is the Indian's "line leader."
My inner history teacher was  so proud.... even if I do need to teach him that actually the cowboys massacred the Indians.  But, I think that lesson can wait til he's older
For now, I love watching him play with these old toys (I found them on ebay for his Christmas gift.)

On the airplane last week:
While I make dinner, he gets busy "cooking" as well
Ellie Love asleep on me in her carrier on a recent flight:
(I even figured out how to nurse her on the flight with the carrier still on!  Yay for enabling me to be lazy & not even take the thing off! :)
Hanging out and playing with mommy in the pulmonologist's exam room 

1 thoughts:

kelly said...

i feel like ellie is looking so much like you! especially in the post below. & that "stage" picture of will is hysterical!!

ps: hudson ran up & saw will's picture while i was reading & said - "that's will!" & don't tell ellie, but he thought she was "baby benjamin" - meredith mason's baby! heehee :)

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